Lighting for Red Aglaonema

wendync(7b)November 5, 2012

So I purchased this beautiful Red Aglaonema at Walmart. I've never really had much interest in them, but the red one was just so pretty with the red/pink stems and red edging on the leaves(not full red leaves, green and red).

I know that this is typically a very tolerant plant as it goes for lighting, but I'm wondering if the red version needs more light than say a normal green one?

I have a very dark living room due to the positioning of the windows--western exposure. However, because of our demonic, plant-munching cats, I can't actually put a plant IN the window, but rather 5 feet away from it on a near by table.

Will this beautiful plant be able to make it in these conditions? Will it lose it's red? I would love to have a plant on two in this room. :/

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Hi Wendy...Congrats...

Aren't red Ag's beautiful? I certainly understand why it ended up in your cart.

Do you have a picture?

I have a few red/pink Aglaonemas..They require bright, 'no direct, south or west 'summer,'' sun.
Too much sun, colors fade..not enough, colors fade.

During winter, red Ags should be placed in the brightest light...otherwise, once again, color fades.

They're humidity-lovers, so place on stones, spray/mist daily, and shower foliage once a week. If possible, invest in a humidifer.

During gray, winter months, soil needs to dry somewhat between waterings. Never, despite time of year, keep soil muddy. They will rot..been there, done that.

Is your Ag, red or pink? I'd really like to see a photo.
Do you know its variety?

Ag's will live in shade, but reds/pinks/orange lose color to a degree. Depending on amount of shade.
At night, artifical lights helps, a LOT!

Good luck, Toni

PS...try not to over-pot.

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Sure, I'll post a pic. I don't know what type it is, it was just labeled "Red Aglaonema". It certainly isn't as red as some that I've seen on the internet.

The leaf tips are definitely a bright, deep red(though it's difficult to see in the dark picture), while the center of the leaves is green. The leaf stems are a pink color.

I moved it into a room with more light. Want to keep it pretty!

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I have this exact same plant. I found it at the local Walmart for $12. I liked it so much I bought two of them, one has a bit more pinkish red in the younger leaves.

I have mine in a north window supplemented by a fluorescent lamp in the evenings. I hope this is sufficient to keep it lovely.


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Ooopsie I forgot to add that after a bit of research, this variety is most likely "Siam Aurora" or "Crete" for what it's worth, and it comes from Exotic Angel's Florida greenhouses.

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These are very good looking plants and I may pick up two from Walmart.

Question - what type of soil would be best? Cactus soil with a mix of perlite/pumice/orchid bark for good drainage?

Are these known as succulent plants?

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