Suggestions for plants with eastern exposure?

emf121199November 23, 2012


Just wondering if anyone has an idea or is an unobstructed east window, and fairly sunny most of the day. Would love to try a coleus after reading the thread, but I had little luck with them, even when I had them in an obstructed south window.

Small plants would be best...would an African violet be appropriate? Just getting back to plant culture after a bad year where I lost my plant collection when I lost my collection stands at six and growing!



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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

It might be easier to list plants that wouldn't like a nice east window. That's primo real estate, IMO, where almost any plant would be happy except those that are extremely sensitive to direct light. East window offers plenty of bright beautiful sun but not the harsher rays and heat of afternoon. Coleus and AV are excellent candidates although Coleus may quickly outgrow the space (but wouldn't mind being pruned and pinched into whatever size/shape you like.)

I would encourage you to investigate wax Begonias. They are such a joy the way they bloom all the time, would LOVE an east window. Comes in red, white, pink flowers.

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I currently have some Jades and some Scheffs in my East facing windows. Seem Happy! :-)

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I agree with Purple that just about any common house plant will be happy with an east window. African violets and many orchids would love it there.

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