What's in Scott's step 1 fertilizer

tom.044March 15, 2013

Brother put down pre emergent down Prodiamine on his KGB and put down to many pound per 1000 sq ft.now he is worried about putting down Scott's fertilizer 4 step.not sure if step 1 has a weed killer in it or is it just nitrogen .if any body knows can you please reply.he starts step 1 April 1.
He put down Prodiamine Down in fall and now spring.he used 1 1/2 50 lb bag on 7500 sq ft yard.

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He can't use step 1 because of crab grass preventer.he will put down nitrogen in April instead.still not sure about over applied Prodiamine ?
Thanks for reply.

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call quali-pro and ask. If you were able to obtain it you must have an applicators liscence. There is a number on the bottle.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

It's not crystal clear what you are asking. When I want to know what is in a product, I go to the manufacturer's website and look it up. I've gone to the trouble to look that up for you. Here is a link.

If you are worried about over applying fertilizer, you might try an organic fertilizer this spring and go back to chemicals in the fall. Organic and chemical fertilizers work differently. You can apply them both at the same time if you want to with no harm.

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