Mixing Bermudas

Meghan MccarthyMarch 28, 2013

The builder of our house sodded bermuda grass in the front yard, and we opted to sod the back yard. We don't know what type of bermuda. All we can get out of the construction manager is that it's, "just plain bermuda." I'm tired of bugging him to clarify if he means common bermuda, or if he went with Tif 419.

SO, my question is whether it's OK if I just go with Tif 419, even if the front yard is common? Will they look that different (the front yard includes the side yard, which mixes the back yard). Can I care for them the same way? Or do I just need to keep pushing till I get an answer? Thanks!

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Your in TX, all Contractors use default Bermuda is Tifway-I aka 419. It is a hybrid thus no seed. There is no improved common Bermuda that can match the quality of 419.

Keep in mind the GC did not order or have much of anything to do with the grass other than sign a check., so he likely has no clue what type of Bermuda it is. He hired a sub contractor who did the actual work. In TX every landscape contractor unless told and paid extra to do otherwise uses 419. Every sod farm in TX has it, is the least expensive grass on the farm, and is the farmers #1 seller bringing home the bacon.

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Meghan Mccarthy

Awesome. We were going to go with Tif 419 based on what I read elsewhere on this forum. Thank you for your response!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

And if you don't already have it, Google the Bermuda Bible and memorize it.

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