Apply Scotts Plus 2 Now and Again in 6-8 Weeks?

coolm19March 22, 2012

I live in Western PA and typically put down Scotts with Halts now, but I have some patches of grass I would like to reseed next month, so I'm going to avoid the Halts this year. With how warm its been lately regular weeds have already been appearing. Can I go ahead and use Scotts Plus 2 in the next couple of weeks to catch the early weeds and then again in 6-8 weeks to catch the late weeds?

I won't be reseeding the few spots until probably mid-April (4 weeks from now)

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You shouldn't really be fertilizing in your area until May. Take out any weeds now by spot spraying weeds with herbicides like Weed B Gone, and Weed B Gone CCO. Fertilizer combinations are designed to make more money for Scotts. It's better to apply fertilizer's at the right time, and preemergents/herbicides at the right time, and they are seldom the same time.

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