How to care for sod laid in winter

TJSmoovMarch 14, 2014

We just moved into a new home and had the sod laid this past week. However, it is still winter and the weather is fluctuating between freezing temperatures and nicer Spring like temperatures. I have read that new sod should be kept moist for at least a month but does it make sense to water sod when the temperatures will be hitting freezing in the next couple days? Specifically, it will be in the high 50's this weekend but might snow on Monday. How should I go about caring for this sod? Any help is appreciated.

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If your sod is mostly or partially dormant you don't have much to worry about, especially if snow is sitting on top of the sod. It is really hard to kill grass this time of year even if it gets a little dry. Pick up a corner of sod and look at the soil attached to it if the soil is dry and dusty then water the sod. Once temps start to warm up water the sod a couple times a week until the sod starts to root.

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