Where to buy good grass seed?

newjersey1972March 14, 2011

I'm looking to re-seed my lawn, I had a grub/drought problem last summer. Where is a good place to purchase good grass seed? Looking for brand/type.

I live in North/West New Jersey. My yard gets a lot of sun. What does everyone think of a Rye mix?

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Hmmmm, a lot of things to consider here. First off, it's much better to seed cool season grass(es) in late summer in New Jersey, sometime around Sept. 1. Spring seedings generally don't do as well due to the stress that summer conditions put on young grass. Also you cannot use herbicides and most preemergents, so you will be giving weed seeds an ideal environment to flourish. If you do seed in spring just be diligent in keeping your yard sufficiently watered if we have a summer like last year. Also keep an eye out for lawn disease. When you ask the question what do you think about rye blends, I have some questions. Do you mean a blend of different rye seed, or a mix of rye, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, etc.? Also what is your lawn composed of now? If your lawn is all KBG or tall fescue then rye will probably stick out in color and texture. Small voids in a KBG lawn don't need to be overseeded as they will fill in as long as your grass is happy. If your yard is composed of KBG, TF and Rye, then a rye mix would probably be OK, but you need to remember the KBG in a rye mix takes much longer to germinate than rye, so if you stop watering your seed after 2 weeks because the rye looks good, then the KBG won't germinate or if it does it will die off due to the lack of water. Now, if you decide to go with a rye mix(rye, kbg, tf or ff) your most economical way to go is via the big box stores. If you aren't too picky about your lawn, then it's an ok option. Unfortunately most seeds sold at those stores are composed of older cultivars, with little regard to proper proportions. There is a tag on every bag that tells you what kind of seed is found in the bag. If the mix has intermediate or italian ryegrass, then don't buy it. If your yard is full sun, then you don't really need any fine fescues (creeping red, hard, sheep, chewings). Most full sun mixes will contain about 40-60 percent rye, 10 percent KBG, and the rest tall fescue. This will give you a pretty even ratio of each grass (KBG has very small seeds so 10% by weight is actually the same number of seeds as the other two). Most mixes tend to the heavier side of rye as it germinates very fast which consumers like. Also on the bag it will list the weed seed content, you obviously want 0%, and if it says annual bluegrass on the label, just walk away (Vigoro brand generally has annual bluegrass, so I would avoid this brand). Stay away from seeds that have a "water saver" coating. You get half as much seed and the coatings haven't proven to be an advantage to the consumer. Now, if you want rye seed blend (just perennial rye seed) you can find those as well, but all the points above hold true for rye blends. You can find better seeds, at better prices at your local Lesco. Unfortunately you need to usually buy 50 lbs. of seed, but the prices are very reasonable. I think 50 lbs. of double eagle rye blend is around 60 dollars. They also carry seed mixes, but again, you usually need to buy 50 lbs. Another option, and usually your best one for obtaining the best seed is via internet seed sellers. Instead of droning on for another paragraph, what exactly are you looking for?

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Who in this forum is an expert on what is a good grass seed.
Most I would say trust their local garden nursery has the seed that is trustworthy for the area and sells such.
If its wished to consult a seed expert, search out a nursery that has seed in bulk and sells all the types that do well in that region.
Or consult a seed house; the same place vegetable and garden flower seeds are bought. But since they send seeds out all over the country, it is I think better to consult a nursery in your locale and speak to the man in charge.

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Thanks for the info, I lost my great lawn last summer to what I think was lack of water and a grub problem. I could not overseed in the fall (had a little one on the way in October) so now I'm faced with getting some type of lawn in order for the summer season.

I was going to rent a thatcher, then hand rake the lawn, then rent an aerator, then overseed?

Does this sound like a plan?

How much seed do I need for a 100' x 150' lawn.

My local topsoil yard is selling a 50 pound bag of a blend of three types of rye for $59.40. Said it's ideal for "SUN"

Thank you everyone for there help......

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I would aerate first (if you think you need to), then power rake, then hand rake, then overseed. Aerating leaves cores on your lawn. Power raking the lawn with cores on it will break them up and provide more loose soil for you new seed plus it will fill the holes in a bit so you don't loose too much seed in them. Why are you aerating? Is your soil compacted? Many people prefer to aerate using liquid products that contain Yuccah and other surfactants. The overseed rate is generally half the new lawn seeding rate. The rate should be listed on the bag of seed. If not most Perennial Rye (PR) is seeded at 6-8 lbs/1000 sq. ft. So if you are overseeding a lawn 3-4 lbs/1000 sq. ft. Any completely bare patches you can double the amount of seed by hand. Since you have 15,000 sq. feet you will need 45-60 lbs of seed. When you do seed split the seed in half, set the spreader to half the normal rate, and seed in two directions, north south and east west. Make sure you read the tag on the bag of seed. If it has annual rye, intermediate rye, or italian rye I wouldn't buy it. Find a Lesco and buy their Double Eagle rye blend, it will be about the same price. I hope you have a sprinkler system, since you will have to water 2-3 times a day for a few weeks.

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I have a very heavy thatch condition this year, maybe I'll just rent a lawn dethatcher then hand rake, then seed.

Hope this will work?

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