Caring for Resurrection Plant (Selaginella) Questions

MangowormNovember 30, 2013

Bought this from the hobby store today because I thought it looked interesting and I wanted a house plant. This one came from a kit made by manufacturer Dunecraft. I noticed mixed reviews for this plant kit on Amazon.

Honestly, I'm not expecting my Resurrection Plant to be fully green like the one on the box. It still amazes me even if it doesn't amaze others!

I do have potential concerns as I want my plant to be healthy and not completely die anytime soon. Hopefully some here have experience with this specific plant.

1. I am told that mold can start growing on the plant itself after a short period of time, but that the mold can be removed if this is the case. How can I reduce the likelihood of mold on my plant or prevent it all together?

2. Should I keep the plant constantly supplied with water or should I let it go through dry periods? If the second option, how often should I let it completely dry and shrivel up?

3. How much water should I be giving my plant? I am told they survive on very little water.

4. Would it be okay to supply clean water daily (I'm not exactly sure if this prevents mold growing or not)?

5. Can insects be attracted to this plant when it's inside a house? Will I suddenly see my plant with insect infestation?

6. From some reviews I've read, the plant can give off a bad smell. Mine has quite an earthy smell but that's only if I get close to it. Regardless of that, how can I prevent bad smells from happening?

7. How long do these plants live? Do they live decades or centuries?

8. How can I prevent new growth with the plant, as it has some brown spots?


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

A very brief search using "Resurrection Plant (Selaginella)" (but no quotes) located this and much more

Here is a link that might be useful: Resurrection Plant

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^ That website doesn't tell me anything about caring for the plant though. Most of my questions are directed towards specific care.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Care might be a moot point, Mango. I have read on several occasions that the plant part typically sold will not actually live and grow. The fact that it can green up is often attributed to algae growth as I recall. Though it does not answer your main Q, perhaps this link will be informative if not useful

Here is a link that might be useful: Selaginella lepidophylla

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Well that sucks. Is the algae growth intentionally placed in these plants before being packaged and sold?

How do I know if my plant is alive or dead? When I immediately put it in water, within hours it was green. How can I encourage new growth for the plant?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The key:
Add moistutre, it greens up.
Let it dry, it grays and rolls up.

Want more info?
Use this search phrase "how to care for resurrection plant site:edu" minus the quotes.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Mangoworm, read through the entire post I linked you to above. It appears that a GW member did manage to get a few viable pieces from theirs to start new plants. (I think of an entire purchased plant they said they managed to get 3 tiny starts. The "mother" plant did not live terribly long as I recall.) Read what they did ... who knows? You might luck out.

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This site had some good care info, I hope this actually helps.

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