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val1(z4 UT)November 18, 2012

I also found this cute little plant at Walmart. It was labeled "Lipstick Aeschynanthus radicans gracilis" so I thought it was the typical lipstick plant which I have been wanting. When I got it home and researched it, it was a little different. From what I read, it is just Aeschynanthus gracilis and is commonly called Red Elf Vine. I hope I can get it to bloom. If someone has photos of theirs in bloom, I would love to see them. I would also appreciate any information on getting them to bloom.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Very nice, and I see it has flowers just like a Cyclamen ;) j/k

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birdsnblooms have yourself a VERY nice, healthy Aeschynanthus.
To find at Walmart of all places..Lucky.

Sun..if you want your Lipstick to bloom, it needs much sun as possible. Including direct.

Humidity..if you have a sunny bathroom window, let it hang before the window..West is the best. :)

Lipstick's bloom between spring and summer, when sun is strongest.

I no longer have Lipstick, but I'd alternate fertilizing with an all purpose one month, then flowering the next. Another opton is using a balanced fertilizer. Ex. 10-10-10

Congrats, wishing you many blooms..

Larry, lol. Toni

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Wish we had a walmart here....

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Larry, you don't have Walmarts? I thought they were througout the nation, like McDonald's??? lol

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val1(z4 UT)

Larry - That cyclamen is one of my best bloomers. It is a fake and I love it. The african violet is a fake too. My daughter has beautiful real african violets in her room that bloom almost continuously. My real cyclamen was attacked by spider mites and I had to part with it. I wish you had a Walmart too. You just have to rescue the plants on arrival.

Toni - I was having a very good time shopping for plants. I now need to find Aeschynanthus radicans so I can check that one off my list too. I will place it in my south window for now. My goldfish plant bloomed very well there. I am starting to run out of window space.

I am concerned about the soil this one is in, it fills like it is heavy with peat moss. When should I repot and with what type of soil?

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Val. sells quite a few Aeschynanthus. Including variegated.
Don't know if he has any in stock now, but worth a look-see.

If it was my plant I'd wait until spring to repot, unless the soil holds too much water, or terribly root bound.

I mix a little peat in soil of certain tropicals, but only a small portion...

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