New Lawn on a New Construnction home....Long Island, NY

grodri02March 27, 2013


Need some help with getting a brand new lawn in a new home in Long Island, NY. Basically, my house faces south and looking to seed the whole property. I learned alot here and in the internet and was going to to go with a tall fescue blend from the Hogan Company (the Hogan Blend). Now, the dirt that I have is filled with rocks and just dirt so I was going to put atleast 3" of topsoil and plant those seeds (removing all the rocks, ofcourse). However, I had a landscapper contractor come today and he suggested kentucky blue blend....the thing that threw me off was when I asked him what kind of seeds he used and he told me he works with "scott seeds" understanding is that I should try to go for sod type seeds and dont know if those seeds he mentioned are any good. He wants to sod the front of the house and seed the back. He also offer a maintance package aswell.

Now, I have an experienced person that has great experience doing lawns and he agreed that he can put down the tall fecue seed from the Hogan Company. Basically, top soil, starter fertilizer and seed. He will also be putting in a sprinkler system.

The question is now...who do I go with? Tall fescue (with my guy) or Kentucky Blue (contractor)? I yet to know the price with the contractor, but I am most interested on getting the best possible lawn for my area.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Scotts owns the rights to many elite KBG strains. If you have the names of the seed types, you can look them up in NTEP or post them here and see if tiemco stops by and will comment on them.
You might want to explain what you mean by "best possible lawn". Do you mean a showcase? The lowest maintenance?

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Tall fescue and KBG both make very nice lawns, but they are different species and each have their own pluses and minuses. Appearance wise KBG is usually the winner. It's spreading ability is a huge plus in my book. Scotts seed from the big box store is not something you should use, but grass1950 is right in that Scott's has developed and sells some great KBG seed. It all depends on what your landscape guy was planning on using. You can always supply the seeds you want him to put down. That way you know what you are getting.

If you are planning on seeding this spring, then you will have issues with new grass dying off in the heat of summer unless you have your own personal superintendent monitoring it daily.

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