crabgrass put down already and new sod coming????

glasshalffullMarch 21, 2012

here in St. Louis, Mo. i put down crabgrass preventer the other day and i am having a huge tree removed in that area.

With the removal of the tree I am going to need to add a couple of inches of soil to this area and add tall fescue sod.

Can that sod be added if i have put the crabgrass down already?

I was thinking of tilling the entire area which would mix the crabgrass treated soil up and then i would add 2-3 inches os new topsoil over this and then lay the sod.

Could that be better?

any advice and thoughts are needed.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Tilling it is the worst of all possible alternatives. First of all, tilling for turf is a bad idea. Secondly, the stuff you put down only works at the surface. If you till, you lose all the benefit of that stuff and you ruin your soil structure. After the new soil is in, then reapply the crabgrass preventer on top of the new soil.

Removing a huge tree leaves too many uncertainties to really estimate the consequences. You will need more soil. Don't be tempted to bury the wood chips left over. They need to be removed from the soil. Heap the soil up a little to allow for settling over the next few years. It will be a little bumpy then but you can fix it when the time comes.

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hi dchall_san_antonio,

Thanks for the answers but I didn't give proper details in my original post as to what i was needing answers for.

I am wondering if it will hurt the sod if i lay that on a couple of inches of new soil that is laying over either tilled or untilled existing soil that has been treated with crabgrass preventer?

I know that you can't use crabgrass preventer if you are planning to seed a new lawn so that's is why i ask.

I don't want the new sod to die from the crabgrass preventer.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Crabgrass preemergent preventer will not hurt sod. Preemergents always are applied to the top surface of the soil, though. Putting sod down over top of the crabgrass preem will require more preem after the sod is down. Not sure I understand yet.

Tilling in preparation for turf is always a bad idea. Memorize that.

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thanks for the answers...yes you understood questions.

thanks again

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