'Mini' Split Leaf Philodendron

greattigerdane(z5NY)November 4, 2005

I have always wanted this plant for years, but they can get big, so I just admired them.When I saw this one with leaves that looked like a miniature Monstera deliciosa,

I just had to have it!

I have seen it called a (PHILODENDRON IMBE) Not sure. Anyway, it should be here next week.

Does anyone have this plant? Do you like it?


Billy Rae

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Billy, I have a Philo that was labeled Philo Imbe, but it's not a split leaf..leaves are white w/speckles..I'm sure mine was mislabeled..Toni

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randy_e(z9b FL)

Philodendron 'Ginny' (Epipremnum pinnatum) has small Monstrera-like leaves and gets no bigger than 4"x6".

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Thanks guys!

I'm not sure what plant you have Toni, but it sounds pretty! There might be different species of Imbe maybe?
Yes, I do remember seeing the word "Ginny" in there somewhere mixed in with mini split leaf and Imbe.
Those measurements are perfect!

Billy Rae

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kaleanna(z8 TX)

hi All,

I have this plant, and it is very cool. The name that I have for it is: RAPHIDOPHORA TETRASPERMA. From my understanding its a cousin of the Philodendron and is why alot of times it is refered to as a Mini Splitleaf Philodendron.

Hope that helps.



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DanaNY(z6 Astoria, NY)

I take it you ordered this plant from Glasshouse Works? They list it on their site as: 56794 PHILODENDRON IMBE (?) GINNY

Notice the question mark, like they're not sure of the name. I'm familiar with Philodendron Ginny, but never heard of it referred to as Philo Imbre. If you search on Google for it, it shows a different plant. Maybe they have the name wrong, but it's definitely Ginny in their photo of it.

I have a mini monstera, but I don't know the exact name of it and wish I had asked the grower when I bought it (that's if she knew, but I no longer have contact with her to ask). It's bigger than Ginny, but smaller than a regular monstera. If I ever locate an aroid expert one day, I'll try to find out what it is. All I know for sure is it's not Ginny.

Let us know how you like Ginny when you get it.

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Thanks Meesh! I think your name might be correct after doing a search on Google, that same plant picture came up as the one on the Glasshouseworks site. I don't think they are all that common to find, only certain places.
The other name, (Epipremnum pinnatum) showed larger looking split leaf plants along with other types of plants.
Well, whatever the name is, it's a pretty cool looking plant! Glad you like yours Meesh!
Dana, Yes, if you can ever find out "for sure" the name, let me know...

Billy Rae

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weedfree(z5 CO)

Ooooohhhhh....I WANT one.....

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Billy, I've a new website..most of my philos are pictured..Click on my name and scroll down till you see Website..There's a few pics of split leaf philos..Toni

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Imbe is simply often used as another word for Philodendron. When you see Imbe you are ofren reading philodendron. I'd take that to mean they sometimes don't know what they have. There is an actual species Philodendron imbe Schott. I've never been able to find a botanical photo of the plant but some places call Philodendron bipinnatifidum P. imbe. P. bipinnatifidum is commonly known as P. selloum. "Selloum" is not a botanically recognized term but that plant can get very large so I don't think it is what you are looking for either.

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I think I might have one of these too.

It was growing in a huge pot of Monstera, I noticed it never ever got big like the other vines in the pot, so I took it out and made 10 cuttings. This week I potted them all up together. It's amazing - a tiny monstera. It's staying very small - leaves are about 2-4" across after four months of growing.


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I have a repotting question. My mini philo is overgrowing its pot, and tubers (i believe they are tubers) are everywhere you look in the pot. I wanted to thin out the original pot and have another pot of the same plant. Do i just pull it out of the pot and take away what i want to replant, or will that harm the plants? It's a really nice one and i don't want to lose it.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Try asking on the Aroid forum. Bihai and some other folks over there know a ton of stuff!

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I have had this plant for around 10 years now. The leaves do not get very big but they have the cutest cut leaf design to them. My plant is about 20 feet long. (10 feet on each side of the pot). I have it hanging in the middle of a big window(no direct sunlight. Plant does wonderful in the summer but struggles in the winter..though it keeps on growing. Hope you enjoy.....it's a beauty. I also don't know what type of plant this is..when I bought it years ago they told me it was a split leaf philodendron....anyone know?

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bihai(zone 9)

This plant is mislabeled so often and goes under so many different names, its hard to know what to call it. To my knowledge, the CORRECT name is Epipremnum pinnatum "Ginny". But it is also sold as a Rhaphidophora, as a Philodendron, as "Dwarf Climbing Monstera" and I have even seen it labeled as a Pothos (go figure).

This is not really a houseplant. Its not a terrarium plant either although I have seen it being sold as one. While it is true that the LEAVES only get about 4 x 6 inches, the plant itself is a rampant climber and will quickly outgrow the ordinary trellis.

The stems are larger in diameter than a finger, and the plant sends out aerial roots that can exceed 12 FEET in length. The terrestrial root system is extremely extensive as well and it will quickly outgrow a container.

The plant I have grows from the ground up to over 12 feet above the ground, wraps onto everything it can get a hold of, has multiple vines over 20 ft in length, and has to be pruned back about 4 times a year to keep it like that. The aerial roots drape down and make for a very jungle-like appearance, its pretty cool. I have to walk under and through them all the time.

You can probably train it to grow in a window on a "hanging trellis" (a cord or something attached to the wall so it can go around in a circle) but otherwise, if you give it enough light to make it happy enough to grow well, you are going to be needing to prune it back sooner rather than later.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Is it true that this is slow to start as a cutting? I got one last fall, and it had one leaf with a note that said "slow to start". The one leaf died within the week, and when I repotted it (it was overpotted and the medium was staying too wet) I saw that it had no roots. Either it hadn't started at all, or whatever had started rotted away in the sodden medium. It is, however, still with me. I have it bagged, and the stem is still green and firm, and what looks like a baby leaf just starting. But it's been this way for months. Just wondering if this is normal.

I would love to get one that's actually established... as in, has roots and more than one leaf. But I'm not going to try and get one from the same place... grrr. Any suggestions as to who has it available?

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bihai(zone 9)

Well, I have it in spades, as I said above. Yes, it is easily propagated by cuttings, but, the cutting you receive has to have some aerial roots on it. I have never found this plant to be "slow", but, perhaps I must qualify that: I don't grow it in houseplant conditions, but in a simulated zone 10-11 rainforest environment with high heat, high humidity and full sun.

This is a photograph that I posted on the "Rescued a philo" thread of, I'd give a conservative estimate, perhaps a total of 1/6 of the mass of my plant. Just so that you can see that if you ever do get it started and it gets really happy, this is what you may end up with, LOL.

I'd be happy to trade you some. LMK what you may have to trade. I am mailing out several trades this Monday, yours could be in that group.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Thanks for the kind offer. I'll have to think about what I have that someone else might actually want : )

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