These are a few of my favorite things.....(pics)

greenchic(7)December 13, 2010

Fishtail Hoya Ive had for a few weeks but seems to be doing okay.

Hindu Rope Ive had for almost 2 years. It bloomed for the first time this summer, very nice!

Hoya Carnosa which I bought at the same time as the Rope. It too has bloomed for the first time this past Summer.

Unknown Hoya #1 which I recently purchased

This was also tagged as a Hoya Carnosa Tricolorbut its leaves are larger than my other hoya so I dont know...

another unknown Hoya but I thought it was pretty.

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Greenchick..I'm not sure but Pic 4 might be Hoya Krinkle, and Pic 6 looks like H. Bilobata/Tsangii.
They're all so beautiful and shiny...Looks like they've been sprayed with Leaf Shine. Very nice choices. Toni

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Hi Toni how have you been? Hope all is well.

I wrote a response yesterday but oddly it never showed up here...

I am sure of the first two plants that Ive had for a while but the other three are very new and Im thinking your right about pic 6 being a Tsangii.Im assuming the care for these hoyas is similiar to the care of other common hoyas, in other words treating them like succulents.

I cant wait till they flower. Right now they are still seperated from my other plants as they are going thru the New Plant Pest Watch period :)

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