Disease on a bush/shrub

cbiscuitMarch 28, 2014

I these bushes or shrubs in the front of my house. I am not sure what they are, but I would describe them as having red berries, prickly leaves, new growth is bright green which then sort of hardens to a darker green as it ages. It looks like holly a bit. Last fall, we had the lawn service we used to use (I am trying to the alfalfa thing this summer) come by and tell us they are diseased as indicated by white spots. He of course offered his services to prevent and treat this disease. At $40 a shot, I find this expensive. I would like your opinions as to what this might be and if I could treat/prevent on my own and how?



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Pics would help, including the spots. You can buy a lot of fungicide and insecticide for $40. But you'll want to correctly identify the problem because often timing is everything (especially if it's something resulting from an insect).

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

First thing I would do is ask this question in a forum which was not a lawn forum. I don't know which one because this is the only one I read, but there are a bunch here.

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