Norfolk Island seedlings help.

lord_baal(5)December 17, 2010

So i pruchased a pot of norfolk island pine seedlings from a christmas display. The seedlings (I know they are seedlings due to the fact that they have those weird first leaf things) are all very close to each other like within the same inch. There are only 4 of them and they are like 4 inches tall max. What i'm asking is any way to sperate them successfully before they get too big as each would probably make an interesting stand alone tree and then i would have gotten 4 for the price of one.

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Far from an expert so major caveat emptor, but I believe I recall asking something similar when I bought mine a few years ago. The general advice was to leave it along, at least until it got a little bigger, since they tend to be sensitive about having their roots messed with, and doing so in the spring would probably be better.

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