Need ideas for a rose planting container

teka2rjleffel(z10FL)July 27, 2011

I am planning to put a rose in a container to peg (anchor down to the ground so it blooms all along the stem.) I have what should be perfect soil but my roses all suffer when I plant them in it. So I'm looking for a container about 12" high but much larger around so the roots have room. I prefer circular but I'm not stuck on that idea. I would drill holes in it for drainage. Wood deteriorates fast here. What type of thing could I use for this?

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Washing machine tubs make great planters. You can find them at used appliance stores that refurbish/recycle. Around here they are about $5 each. These are taller than 12", but I would think the larger the better for roses.

I've attached a link with pics that show them used in a local garden. Scroll down to see several versions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wash tub planters

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Marlene Kindred

Washer tubs, old galvanized tubs and even 55 gallon plastic barrels that you find for a pretty good price will work. Someone on here even used large corrugated drain pipes.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I odn't have any ideas but I'd love to see the roses blooming once you figure it iout!

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Thanks for the ideas. There are such creative folks on this forum. Rock Oak, I would like to keep it fairly short since the spot is close to the front of the border and too tall and the canes won't reach to be pegged. Keep the ideas coming. The wash tubs look great in those photos.

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old tires might be good too , paint them up and there you go .

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To make the washing machine tub work for you, dig a hole and put the tub as deep as you need, to make the stems touch the ground.

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Most roses don't "bloom all along the stem" so sounds like you are talking about those really tall climbing roses like my neighbors have, coming out of tops of 35 ft juniper trees. They have cute" miniature rose look" blooms all over the stems.Mostly 35 ft in the air but occasionally 1 will be low enough so I can get a closeup look! I've seen then in white, light pink & I think yellow. Don't know how they would do in containers. Jan

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sunnyca, most roses with flexible stems can be pegged, which is attaching it to the ground. When it is horizontal new branches will grow up out of it and bloom. I do it with my climbers with flexible stems and the flower output increased dramatically.
Here is video from Ashdown Roses showing how to do this if anyone is interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ashdown Roses video

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Loved the washtubs idea...& burying it in the ground, like nana said, maybe would work...I like to use galvanized tubs for other plantings...enamel pans...& here's a parts washer or photo darkroom metal pc that I spray-painted & stenciled a few yrs ago for a container garden out the front windows...moved it nearer the bird arbor while we are siding our house...I like it there. Good luck & please share pics! Jeanne s.

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Foxfire won't let me get the Ashdown Roses Video! Would like to see it. I only have 40 roses a lot of miniature,pink & yellow Peace climbers, Joseph's coat climber & couple of mini climbers that don't get too tall,couple of English roses & a crazy Bishop Darrington (think that's spelled wrong)ordered it from back east someplace,it is only rose that will grow in shade, well now that apricot tree died, it's in the sun & goes nuts!! It has almond scented single row of petals & they only last 1 day but they are many & messy & I'm trimming it back all year long but it smells so good & buds are orange/apricot colored & opens to light apricot & fades to white. I put an old ladder behind it to try to keep it up. No problems before it just grew 6 ft high & flowered all year. now it's a sweet tangle! Like your pic Jeanne! Jan

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Very nice Jeanne. Sunny, try searching for rose pegging +Ashdown. It is a youtube video.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Here is the utube link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ashdown roses on utube

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Thanks for videos, I finally got them. Now I know why I never peg them to the ground- no room I live in the city! I like rooting my own roses too. I got a poor sick rose from K-Mart knowing it probably wouldn't survive but it was cheap & I always wanted an "Angel Face" rose,it didn't have the 3 branches coming out above the graft like it should have. I babied it along for several years but never did too well. Last winter I trimmed it back & just stuck the thickest piece in the ground & forgot about it. Now I have a healthy new rose. I usually put cinnamon on the cut end I stick in moist ground but didn't with it. My dad could throw anything in a bucket put some water in it & stuff would grow. I have to put it in the ground. Oh, out here they always tell you that cane needs to be cut off even with the bottom of base of rose. He left his sticking up! I also seal the area with Elmer's Glue-All so I don't get rose borer's going in the fresh cut wood! It's cheap & quick! Waterproof after it dries too!Jan

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