Giant Hawaiian Pothos

Mentha(9 CA)December 6, 2005

I just got a huge pothos which was sold as a Giant Hawaiian Pothos. Is it truely larger in growth than other pothos, or was I just sold a mature plant? It was in a 12 in hanging pot, and it's leaves are as long as but wider than my 'Congo' philo. I'd say at least a foot long and 18 in wide. I don't have a pic yet, since it was too big to come home in my mom's car! It looks like a golden pothos only larger.

Has anyone heard of/have experience with this variety?

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Mentha, I'm not sure about whether it gets bigger but it is very similar to the Golden Pothos. While the golden Pothos leaves are freely but irregularly variegated with yellow and creamy white splashes, streaks and stripes...the Hawaiian Pothos has a slightly different variegated pattern. Its leaves have a more striking yellow color.

You'll be happy to know that it's really easy to grow. It roots readily, tolerates watering variations and is not really suscpetible to any pests. With such few challenges, this gorgeous plant is a gem! Congrats on a striking new addition. Enjoy!

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Mentha(9 CA)

I was wondering is it a fast grower like my other pothos? I need to repot it as soon as I get it home because it was in a broken pot. I thought they'd mark it down because of the pot being broken, but after getting it to the register, I couldn't give it up when the manager said no they wouldn't. So I paid $45 for it, whoops! Still it's a beautiful plant and it's huge. It was so lonely out in the lathe house waiting for whatever they do to broken plants. I did bring home a cutting from it because it wasn't looking too good.
I'd say it was in at least a 12 in pot, and from the looks of the roots I saw through the gaping hole, it was ready to be repotted anyways. I have some empty 22 in pots. Maybe after loosening the roots it will be right at home in one, or should I opt for a smaller pot?

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I think, hmmm...not 100% sure, that it does grow quickly like the other pothos. And you know how quick that is. I trim my pothos so often, I wonder when the heck it has time to get so big again; and yet it's always bigger than I want it.

I wouldn't pot it in too big a pot. I've never found any type of pothos to need too much soil or too much space. Their roots are usually thin and the plant prefers to dry out somewhat, so too much space with soil that is often left wet for too long may be detrimental. On the other hand, if you have fast-draining soil, it won't matter. Since you're digging around in the roots, you can even trim them a bit at the same time.

Wow, that was quite a price for it that you paid. They are expensive when you get them very big. And they're not as readily available, which boosts the price. I don't remember the last time I saw one of them anywhere around here. The care is similar to any other type of pothos and they are just as hardy.

I'm eager to hear from the others and if they've had the opportunity to grow one of these as well. I don't know anyone personally that owns or has ever owned one. It's always the regular pothos that I see in homes.

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

IMHO.....they're actually just 'regular plain old' pothos, but they've been climbing trees in Hawaii, so I think someone is using that name as a 'gimmick'

A trading friend in Florida once told me how pothos grows there when climbing (and with abundant humidity) and sent me a cutting (so I could see for myself) reverted back to it's usual small houseplant size after arriving at my house! I eventually lost the entire cutting, but that may have something to do with the fact that it didn't have 'time' to root.

If it were summer and you were growing it outdoors your new leaves may be large, but unfortunately I think your plant's new growth will be much smaller than your currently large leaves.

Sounds like a sight to see, you have a photo?

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Mentha(9 CA)

No photo yet it's still at the nursery awating a chariot to bring it home. I was going to pick it up today but hubby needed the car for work. He doesn't know about it yet. The variegation is different than the normal golden pothos, it has yellow and white (not cream) variegation, almost like a cross between a marble queen and a golden with exceptional lighting. It almost reminds me of a large leaved juvenile variegated monstera. I read that if not given something to climb on ariods will make smaller leaves as opposed to making larger mature growth of a normal climbing plant in the wild.

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johnh_or(Portland OR Z8)

I have to agree with Nanw_4wi. While in Maui last year, I checked out the Pothos that grow there. When left to grow as a ground cover, the leaves stayed fairly normal sized. As the vines grew up the bark of palms and trees, the leaves got huge and some would even split just like a split-leaf philo. I recall seeing some with leaves at least 2' across and splits from the top of the leaf to the bottom.

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flash14756(z6 Boise, Idaho USA)

When I was in Hawaii I saw HUGE pothos on the trees also, although I think that the leaves split because they are tattered by the wind ,like heleconia and banna, not on their own accord.

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Mentha(9 CA)

From what I gathered there is a 'Hawaiian' variety of pothos, it's supposed to have a more vivid yellow and white. So I did get something new, it's not a 'Golden' pothos, now if it grows bigger than a normal pothos, in comparison to the other pothos at the nursery in comparable sizes it did have larger leaves. So maybe it is a giant. Apparantly the 'Hawaiian' pothos is from a nursery here in California, it is patented, it may not be from Hawaii, just named that. It is fairly new to the market, it seems.
So the mystery remains if it will revert to smaller leaves or stay larger than it's golden cousin.

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There is no "Giant Hawaiian Pothos" but it is a great marketing tool. "Regular" Golden Pothos when grown under ideal conditions can grow leaves to 3'. The better the light the better the variegation - yellow and white. If not grown under ideal conditions (lots of light and humidity) then the leaves will be smaller and the variegation less. My family's nursery in Florida are showing them right now being grown in 12" pots - very full for $12.00 and 6'er's on poles for $20.00 but I have seen them sold for much higher prices too. If you love the plant, as it seems you do, then it is worth the money. They are so easy to grow - mine is over 15' across and started with large leaves but because it is grown indoors with less light the leaves are smaller but still a great plant.

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Mentha(9 CA)

I finally got it home and da-da-da, here it is :) Hubby still hasn't seen it and he's been home for hours, hmm wonder if he feels well.

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Mentha, it's a beauty! Maybe your husband won't ever notice? LOL...somehow I doubt it. Gorgeous...enjoy...

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Mentha(9 CA)

I hid him until I can repot the little guy. It's raining today so I may take him out for a nice shower, he got a bit wilted on the ride around half the state yesterday and I didn't have time to check for hitch hikers before bringing him in. So he's going outside for a while today after hubby goes to work. He's also getting a 'wash and wax,' or at least a spray with soap and rinsed. As long as it's raining I know it's not going to be below 45* today.
He was a bit over priced, but it was love at first sight, he batted those leaves at me and I was lost!

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Gorgeous plant! How's he doing now, more than 6 months later?

A few weeks ago, Wal-Mart was selling the Hawaiian Pothos in 12 inch baskets for $6.84. Of course, they were no where as full as yours. I definitely feel like it is a different pothos than the regular golden. It is more yellow.

I'm planning to send a cutting of it to Nan in Wisconsin to convince her of this. LOL!!!


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I had an evicted neighbor leave me a huge floor pot of pothos with the log stake in it, all together it was about 5 feet tall! Some of the leaves on the vines that had grown up the log were about 12" across, while other leaves in the pot were the typical size. She never came back for the plant and I still have it.

sadly, the log rotted off at soil level and the plant spent the next 7 years growing up a wrought iron spiral staircase, but the leaves never reached that size again. Last year I found a 4 ft long piece of driftwood on the beach and stuck that in the center of the pot and it is just starting to climb up that we will see..

point being that even the regular pothos leaves have the ability to get pretty big!

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Yep . . it's true. Any pothos can develop huge leaves given the right conditions. Your picture is a larger leaved version of the old, tired, potted houseplant that I put outside near a schefflera (previously an indoor potted plant) that I trained into a hedge.
One day while looking at the schefflera, I noticed a large (about 5 inches wide) yellow and green leaf. Upon closer examination, I realized that it was a pothos!! I followed the vine (which was very thick) down to that tired old pothos in the pot (which I had forgotten about) that I placed outside about five years ago.

With no extra soil added and with whatever water the sprinklers sprayed in that direction, the pothos had become a monster while quietly growing up through the schefflera hedge.

I took a cutting from one of the vines (there appears to be at least two) and planted it near a jacaranda tree (common in So. CA) where I have an arrowhead plant growing up the trunk in hope that it, like the arrowhead, will continue to grow monster leaves as it travels up the tree. I also have another variegated pothos (green and white marbled) growing in a pot outdoors nestled among other potted plants and its trailing leaves are also becoming quite large.

So, Mentha, I do hope your new leaves continue to grow large, but please do not be disappointed if they grow in smaller. But if you take a few cuttings and plant them in a somewhat protected (from direct sun) outdoor area, you will get pothos with large leaves.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I had a perfectly normal pothos in my teaching greenhouse that sent adventitious roots clear down from the bench to the floor of the greenhouse where they took root. That plant rapidly turned into the monster that ate an entire greenhouse bench! LOL. It was fascinating to watch. Ginormous leaves!!!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, mature pothos leaves do split on their own when they are grown up. I've seen them growing up trees in Hawaii, Jamaica and Southern CA and they look like Monstera leaves. I've seen them up close, it isn't wind damage.

Many plants have juvenile leaves and mature leaves. Common ordinary English Ivy totally changes when it grows up trees and gets enough sun/nutrients. Pothos (Epipremnums) Philodendrons, Syngoniums also change to much bigger leaves if grown up a pole rather then as a hanging plant.

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Seems as though I just bought the same plant, except the nursery was calling it a "large leaf pothos." I've had it for about a month or two, but haven't got the care requirements down just yet. It was root-bound in an 8" pot so I transplanted it to a 10" pot. put it on a plant stand with a bamboo pole that I have been training it to climb with twine. I have it in a spot where it gets bright indirect morning sun with about a half an hour of direct sun. It seems to be very sensitive to water. I believe I over watered it, and it started to get brown spots on the leaves (they appeared after watering) and several leaves turned yellow and died. I watered it again after I thought it had throughly dried (about 2 to 3 weeks later), but it did it again. I have little experience with any type of pothos. Can anyone give me some care advice so that this plant can flourish. It's quite striking, and I want it to continue to grow with it's variegation and large leaves. Please advise!! thx

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