Looking for N. Florida Nursery

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)December 8, 2011

Hi, Everyone:

I've posted this to Cactus and Succlents but wanted to post here, too.

I'm going to the Florida Panhandle over the weekend and DH agreed to stop at some nurseries. Any suggestions?

Am looking for natural Crassula Ovata/Jade (think I got that right) and some euphorbia. What I mean by "natural" is not bonsai-ed. Here's a photo of the one I lost when a friend took care of it:

I'm also looking for rhizo begonias.



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paul_(z5 MI)

Can't be of much help, but have you Googled for nurseries in that area?

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Yes, thank you.


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Where in the Panhandle? If you are headed to Panama City, Fl. there are a few nurseries. Email me if that's where you're headed and I can name some - I live in Panama City.

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