Does my Bermuda grass lawn need seeding?

adi_az_gwMarch 27, 2014

Hello everybody,

Attached are the pictures of my lawn. The lawn has Bermuda grass.

In winter the lawn had heavy infestation of weeds, which seem to be in control now, after multiple applications of weed killer spray. The green you see in the picture is actually Po Annua weed.

Now since winter has come to an end in Arizona, the question I have do I have to seed my lawn? Or will it be enough if I start watering it regularly. Will the bermuda regrow? I have not watered the lawn for more than a month now.

Any advise on how to regrow my lawn will be great. Thanks in advance.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

If the reason the grass is thin is because it is under the shade of a tree or near a building on the north side, then no, no amount of seed will restore grass to that area. If it is in the sun, then it should refill nicely with some water and monthly feeding. Bermuda is the only grass that can take monthly feeding with chemical fertilizers.

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Bump. Can somebody plz reply :(

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@dchall -

Thanks a lot. The lawn does get sun, and there was grass before. I am currently watering for 10min every other day, as prescribed by the nursery guy.

Do you have any advice on what kind of fertilizer should I use?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Without knowing why the grass is thin, since shade was not the issue, it's hard to say how fast the bermuda will return. It will spread in from the outside for certain, but there might be enough root structure remaining for it to simple spring up.

You are watering too frequently. Your nursery guy sells plants, seed, and likely sod. The advice he's giving you will maximize his profits, not your enjoyment. When you water you should water very deeply without runoff. Deeply means 1 inch at a time all at once. Measure one inch by setting out empty cat food or tuna cans. Time how long it takes to fill the cans. That's your target for watering until forever. This time of year you should be watering deep about once every 2 weeks. When temps get into the 90s you can go to once per week. When temps get above 100 you should still be able to go once a week but you might see it drying out in 5 days. Then go to every 5 days until it cools off.

You do not need any chemical type fertilizer until you have mowed the grass for the second time. Before that you would be wasting fertilizer when you have no active roots to take up the fertilizer. Then start a monthly program with any high nitrogen fertilizer.

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