Problems with the forum?

tbledsaw(5)July 4, 2010

The most recent message I see will not open, and instead of there being around 68 pages of messages, I see only 4 pages. Are there forum problems going on?

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Seems to be OK here so far........

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There have been a couple of posts in the last several weeks that say 'Whoops', but the pages have always been at the bottom. Now our PAGES ARE GONE!!!!!
I have emailed them about that--hope some more of you email them too--bottom of page here'''contact us'''.

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I've had problems posting. HAHAHA Just when I start posting again! Maybe I'm the problem? HAHAHA

When I hit the 'submit' button on one of the posts I wrote it even said GJ was offline.

Yes it's been weird.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

OK, so it's not me. I tried to post a message and got the "offline" note. I thought I just needed more coffee or something.
There are only 4 previous pages at the bottom of my screen too.
Sigh. Here we go again.

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I had a problem with posting a reply..
it came back "message rejected"
so, I submitted it again...again, "message rejected"
submitted it again..changed the subject line, so it would
go through.
I ended up with a thrice

I don't trust the 'message rejected' anymore.

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