Removing/Killing White Clove

sundancesm20March 31, 2012


Does anyone have any suggestions on killing clover in lawns and how to keep it from coming back.


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Weed B Gone Clover, Chickweed and Oxalis killer. Home Depot carries it. One to two applications should get rid of that easily.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Keep it from coming back by fertilizing. Clover is often an indicator that your soil is low in nitrogen. Fertilize in May, September, and October/November.

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Clover can thrive in soils with low nitrogen levels due to its ability to fix nitrogen, but fertilizing your lawn will not stop it from germinating. Nor does it spontaneously grow in low nitrogen soils. This is an old myth.

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Tiemco - what's your opinion on the Ortho compared to Gordon's Trimec???

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I have never used trimec, but the label says it will kill clover (probably via the mecoprop and dicamba). I know for a fact that the triclopyr in the CCO will do the job. Give it a shot, if you see no change in a week or so, then I would try the CCO.

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