Black Mulch

lawnladyMarch 10, 2013

This isn't a lawn question but I'm hoping to get some honest answers about using Scott's Naturescape Black Mulch. I've read some 5 star reviews but there were also alot of 1 star reviews because of quick fading. I have a grey house and thought the rich black would be a better color complement than the pine bark mini chip I've been using for years that fades to a lighter brown. If any of you have experience using this product, I'd love to know your thoughts. Thanks and happy spring!

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I used it for five years. It's a great mulch. In comparison to different mulches used by my neighbors who had to mulch every year, it had much less fade and volumn depreciation. I replaced it every other year, alternating between the front yard beds and the back yard beds. In other words, it does fade, but it maintains acceptable color for two seasons.
I no longer use mulch as all mulch produces spores and they make a mess of the siding and windows and screens.

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artillery fungi!

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