I'm on a tin colander mission!!

soonergirl1968(7a OKC)July 2, 2010

I had this great idea of taking old tin colanders/strainers (you know the kind... plain silver tin three little "L" shaped feet and usually have star patterned holes?) attaching them together to form a sphere, removing the feet and handles, painting them bronze and hanging them with a light inside to make garden lights for the back yard. I thought it would look pretty neat with the light shining through all the holes.

I see the things all the time at the TS but I went out the other day and hit LITERALLY 12 thrift stores and didn't find ONE! I found some on ebay but they are way too expensive. Anyone know someone with a stash who would like to get rid of them? Or, does anyone have an idea for finding them?

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OH-- LOL -- I was just thinking about those collanders ,too !!! I was wondering if I can cut out the star sections with the holes - straighten them out and use them as windchimes !! LOL

Great minds think alike ! I don't see alot of those at the GW - I mostly see them at rummage sales. If I don't find one soon - I might sacrifice mine to the great junking gods ~~ LOL ~~

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I used mine for a hanging bask.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I just bought one to use as a hanging basket. But I may like your idea better. I don't see them very often. Grabbed this one as soon as I spotted it.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I recently saw two different versions of yard or porch lights. One man used the taller 4 sided food graters that have a handle at the top. The regular old metal kind. He used one grater for the cover of each light on a string of lightbulbs. They were naturally aged, and very nice-looking.

Another person had used metal minnow buckets as lightbulb shades. They were larger bulbvs and I would say he had used about 6-10 old metal minnow buckets. Very nice, and so unique.

I hadn't thought of the colander. That sounds great.

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

I continued my mission today and found ONE for 69¢!! Then I saw one in an antique store for $32!!! Crazy!!!

If I give up I may end up using mine as a hanging basket, too! I like the idea of the graters and minnow buckets also.

TMG - If you cut one of those up... I'll hunt you down!! lol You could get some metal roof flashing and cut stars with tin snips and then punch a design into them. (?)

I may have to change plans. I was thinking of making cone/megaphone shapes from roof flashing and punching them OR using old roof tiles (I saw a stock pile sitting next to someone's house... I may have to ring their doorbell!) and drilling holes in a pattern.

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I saw 3 or 4 yesterday at my junk store, but didnt know what I would do with them so I left them behind. Maybe I will take a second look tomorrow

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Cool idea but I haven't seen them at thrift stores either. I guess rummage sales would be your best bet.

Sprout, those ideas sound great too. I will have to keep an eye out for things with holes in them.

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First thing that popped into my head is, "How could someone make a concrete mold out of a colander?". Then I read on and found you're doing lights. Sounds like a great idea! Do some mosaic on the outside & maybe could even put colored glass over the star patterns & have colored lights. Very cool! You'll have to post pics if you get it done :o)

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I haven't seen any tin ones but have some of aluminum ones with star pattern. I bring in apples, oranges & strawberries in them, green beans most years but not this year. The stars are different on different ones. Also some have the 3 feet & few do not. Holes are different sizes also. Handles are either squared U shape & round like wire or about 3/8 in wide & stick out on sides. Aluminum would be easy to paint & patterns are very nice. If your TS has an aluminum & pots & pans section that might be where they are. I think they are up to $1.99 now! I think they would make very cool lights, especially if you have large yard.Jan

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