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hatemyyardApril 17, 2014

We have lived in our house almost 4 years now. I've never treated my lawn, the first 2 yaers it wasn't so bad but last year and now this year i have this brown stuff in my yard. It gets really thick and I just want to know how to get rid of it. It's even worse in my backyard! Any help is appreciated!

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looks to me like normal grass die off, do to weather or possible a fungus. in the mid west we usually burn it off if it's bad enough and over seed it. if it's not that big of a area a good raking and over seeding will do.

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IâÂÂm no expert, but you might try using a leaf blower to âÂÂfluffâ it up a bit and get some air under it. Then be patient. I do that every spring and it seems to work. My back doesnâÂÂt like raking.

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Ok thanks guys!

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Mow it, removing the clippings, then use a thatch rake on it to fluff it up and remove the dead stuff. Then mow it again to get the stray stuff sticking up.

Thatching is hard work, BUT if you use a lifting motion instead of a raking motion (slide blade under the mat of grass and pull up instead of trying to pull parallel to the ground) , and break it up over a period of several days, it's possible.

I just de-thatched 1200+ square feet of mixed buffalo and Bermuda grass ... it took 5 days of morning and evening work and totally filled my available compost space with grassy tufts.

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Looks like fine fescue. Almost impossible to kill with herbicides. Fine fescue generally likes shadey areas were other grasses have a hard time competing against it. If the area gets a lot of sun then just scalp it in the late summer aerify and seed with kentucky bluegrass and it should out compete the fine fescue.

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