My 'Purple Door Award' yes, really!

Barbara KellyJuly 14, 2010


On the discussion side, I've posted about the ordeal I've recently gone through, and several members have kindly awarded me the "Purple Door Award".

I was very touched by that, and decided I needed to reward myself with a PURPLE DOOR!

Here is the just finished color and I intend trimming out that window with a wood frame and maybe paint that white.

I love the purple against the light green of my living room.. What do you think? too much?

Oh by the way, I picked up a wall mural years ago at a TS and just kept it with no idea where it would go. I moved in here, and had a plain, painted backsplash... ignore the dishes Oh, I painted the plain wood doors and replaced the knobs too.

Yes, I was watching Rachel

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That is very cute! And the wall mural is great - if you cant have a window over the sink, that's the next best thing!

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Love it. What dishes? I thought at first it was a window out to your garden. Way totally cool. We all need to reward ourselves now and then. You earned this one, DD.


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I love that shade of purple. That mural looks wonderful over the sink and it looks like it matches your stove pretty good too. And you did a great job on your cabinets. Things are really progressing at your new place, I knew it wouldn't take you long to whip it into shape.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love your purple door with the diamond shaped window.
And the mural looks so nice over the sink. I like painted cabinets.

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Barbara Kelly

Just in the interest of some, here's the other half of the room. Most of it is TS finds, craigslist scores, and yard sale stuff.. I did pretty good? Oh, the hand made sheer green drapes all 6 sets 2 with pinchpleats were 1.oo, yep 1.oo at the Habitat for Humanity TS. I love them. I currently have the two pinch pleated drapes hung upside down since I haven't yet found the curtain rings I have hidden from myself in the move. lol I know there somewhere..

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I love the purple door! Now we know how to find your house. he-he Love the mural on the backsplash. I thought it was a window to the garden too. You sure have whipped your new place into shape! Your drapes look great upside down. he-he And what are those musical instruments on the wall?

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I thought at 1st you had a plant hanging over your sink but finally realized it was the mural.Cool!! Your green with purple door look cool too! Very in these days to have TS buys!! Advantage to TS is the stuff has survived & is still good so probably will last for quite a while more. Probably real wood too. I love that "guy" looking pillow almost a stuffed shirt!LOL Jan

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I love your door ! Purple is such a peaceful color. You did good :>)
Are those dulcimers hanging on the wall or mandolins ? For some reason I keep getting the two confused. I talked myself out of buying a dulcimer last year when I was in Pigeon Forge, but I'm going to go ahead and get one when I go back this fall. The guy at the music store said they're pretty easy to learn to play. I too thought your mural was a window .. lol !

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jeannespines your purple door will be a backdrop for your GJ (art) & pond by your deck! You have done a wonderful job with re-habitating your new home! A great idea to put up that mural of a spider plant (?) as a kitchen backdrop! And the sheers are lovely in your LR. Lookin' forward to more GJ, too! TFS! Jeanne s.

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Barbara Kelly

thanks all, and please Oreos-mom, visit a few dulcimer builders before you by one. I love my Dulcimer and yes, they are easy to play. But, you need a decent one to start with. Most of those sold to tourists in PF are junk. I live very close to PF.

Heads up on the difference between Dulcimers and mandolins, Dulicmers have little or no neck. Mandolins have necks like a guitar. It takes 20 years to get good on a guitar (or mando) but you can get great on a Dulcimer (I've proved it) in two weeks.

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Talk about taking negative to positive, you do deserve the "Purple Door Award" I just luvit, purple always makes me happy and when I ask baby girls what is your favorite color they always say "Purple" Did you know that Dulce means sweet and also candy in spanish, that is what you created "Sweet Candy" for the eyes!


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Barbara Kelly

Yep, thats what Dulcimer means, Sweet Music... lol Thanks for all your encouragement!

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