My New Houseplant Collection!

eahamel(9a)December 21, 2012

Temporarily at least. It's about freezing out there, I have ice in a container with water in it, and am really glad I took the time to bring these tender plants indoors! I have a lot of kalanchoes (which are about to bloom), ferns, coleus, begonias, brugs, orchids, and broms that would be dead or badly damaged if I hadn't brought them indoors.

The green stand was a great buy at a local resale shop. I just got it a couple of weeks ago.

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Eahamel, why do you say your collection is temporary?

I tried expanding the picture, but won't expand..sigh.

So far, your plants are doing great. How long have they been inside?

Do you keep curtains closed? Kalachoe's need sunny days.
You're right, they can't thrive in temps too low. Although, I don't know the lows in your area.

Some Kals are a little hardier than others. Depends.

When Kal buds open, will you snap pics? Toni

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Toni, I brought them indoors yesterday, that's why they're a temporary houseplant collection. I'll be taking them back out tomorrow. Yes, I keep the curtains closed most of the time, but they aren't indoors long enough to make a difference.

Thermometer was 29 this morning, will be 36 tonight, and warmer after that, so they'll go back out tomorrow.

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You are in zone 9 and it got that cold? What state is that?

I wish I could see an up close pic of some of your plants but from what I do see, nice:-) I wish I could put mine out tomorrow. Mine will not see that until April:-(


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

We got that cold a few mornings ago Mike, and a high of 46* on Wed. !


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Brrr! Jack Frost was here last night. I know how you feel! It was 61 degrees in here when we woke up. Almost wishing I had fewer plants because there's way too many to shuttle in/out. I'm doing it for a few but it's hard to decide which and I almost forgot them when I was feeling really awful 2 nights ago.

I love that stand!!!! Does it have wheels?

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

So what zone finder do you all use? I am zone 9 according to the one provided by Gardenweb, but zone 8a according to the National Gardening Association zone finder.


Here is a link that might be useful: National Gardening Association zone finder.

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Eahamel. I too wondered where you live..
According to your zone you're in 9A. I wouldn't think z9 ever got close to 29F degrees.
To top it off, your plans were to haul plants outside the following day??? That was fast! lol.

Did temps cooperate with your plans? Was it warm enough for plants to go out w/o freezing?

It's understanable why your curtains are closed..if plants are inside short periods it won't matter...much.

Like Mike suggested, I'd like to see a close-up of your plants, too.

Purple 61F!!! I wish it was 61
Most plants won't fret at 61. In fact, they enjoy a cooling-off period.

JoJo. I did a zone checks via different sites.
I heard zones were changed? Legally changed.

Before 2010 or so, our zone read z5A. Later it changed to z5B.
I clicked on the link you posted, typed in zip code, results were 5A. I'd rather go with z5B, but we can't always get what we want..:)

Mike, I know what you mean about 'waiting, for the month of April. Way too long!
If winter temps are similiar to those of last year, some plants can spend time outside, including Gardenia.

BTW, I sinned... :(

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Toni, the plants are all back outside now. We do get as low as 29 sometimes. I'm not sure the thermometer is totally accurate at lower temps, though. But there was ice in a bucket in my yard, so bringing them indoors was the right thing to do. We had another cold night last night, so they stayed indoors and went out this morning. It was cold enough that it killed my basil and tomato plants. I think it's better to bring tropicals indoors when it will get close to freezing. It may not get cold enough to kill them, but can get cold enough to do damage, then they won't look good for a long time. Looks like they'll have to come back inside for Christmas. Sigh.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Toni, that's 61 inside!

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Eahamel. How many plants do you haul back and forth? lol.

Of course, I don't blame you bringing plants inside when temps are cold..Some plants will thrive in low temps, but others do NOT.

I learned a lesson this year. Never leave thin-leaf Hoyas outside when temps drop under 40F. I lost a good number due to the cold.
A couple nights dropped below freezing.

It wasn't neglect..It takes a while to haul each plant inside..They need hosing, re-hosing then spraying w/home-made insecticide before placing on their winter shelf/sill, etc.

The first and last plants that go out and come inside are Gardenias, Thanksgiving Cactus, Ivy and Geraniums.
In fact, Gardenia was out twice in December..a rare thingy. lol.
But, looks like it won't go back out for a while..

Hope you don't have to haul too many plants in and out. lol. Toni

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Cold?? lol it hasn't been above 20F all week! and that was just today! cold, everytime we want to wash clothes we need to thaw out the pipes! cold, lol,, only kidding, I do understand. We used to live in Mesa AZ, and it did drop at times. Don't remember just how cold it got, but I do remember wanting my coat at times.
The plants will survive this winter for you.. :) take care and they will..

And I know about the hauling inside to out every day,, and I only have 23!! lol


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