Teapots, Totems, Plate Flowers Front Yard

dollydee(7-MS)July 30, 2010

Finally got several items finished and outside. There are several photos that start with the house/porch/front yard and I'll do a seperate post for the back yard. DH and I have been seriously considering pulling out the huge boxwoods. They used to go all the way to the ground and were monsterous, I cut them back, but now I think they look like mushrooms...LOL I have to figure out what to put there when they come out. I hate to think of how big the roots are???????

and eventually I WILL find some round columns to replace the 3 that are square. The guy that we bought the house from didn't care what the outside looked like, he basically just slept here. The boxwoods were all the landscaping he had other than the hundred year old trees! Why he put square columns there when they were repaired I will never understand??? There used to be a side entrance to the house between the last 2 columns, the steps were cracked and crumbling as was the sidewalk, so we took a jackhammer to it and that helped the looks a lot. We painted the porch a couple of years ago, but I regret the color choice, it shows every bit of dirt and now I'm trying to find a new color that will make the porch "pop" :)

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Truly a lovely home. I love everything you have done. It looks like a labor of love. Thank you for sharing!


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Waht a lovely place you have. I Love it all. Your beds are sooooo immaculate!! All of your teapot totem, plate flowers and glass totems are placed just right and so eye appealing. Thanks for sharing your lovely home and garden. I'm envious

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

What a beautiful home you have. You and DH have done a lot of work. I love all of the personal garden art touches. I remember when you posted your totems and teapots. I thought they were beautiful then, but to see them in your lovely yard really adds character.

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It's all just beautiful. I love your home and your garden junk looks so good. You've done a lot and it shows.

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Love all the blue!!! I particularly like the fabric you used on the cushions for the blue chairs. Everything looks very nice.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

I really love it all The house is so nice and such a great display. Everything is well done and coordinated. It works together beautifully.

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Well hello Dolly! What a lovely home and yard. You make me miss my old Victorian. Your garden junk is just the right accent to set it all off. I love the blue.

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Marlene Kindred

OMGosh Dolly! I saw the backyard post first, but your house is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IT! And I absolutely love the blue wicker with it....and you have been a busy lady for sure with all of the plate flowers, totems, etc. LOVE the blue birdbath! And, I agree, the boxwoods are a little overgrown and look a little out of place with all of your new plantings. Just a great house!

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Love ALL of it!
Love everything, plate flowers, totems, EVERYthing!

Love all the blue!
It's my favorite color.

I am green with envy!

Thanks for sharing!


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WOW! You've certainly made your place GORGEOUS...I agree with the other GJers'...LOVE the blue & white! And your totems, garden cups, etc. have made the place so special! House is GORGEOUS...even the square column...doesn't bother me, any! That wrap-around porch...BEAUTIFUL, as is...but will probably even be more beautiful if you change colors as you mentioned. Can't forget the wood fence...your plates, plate flowers & teacup totems look WONDERFUL! TFS, dollydee! Fun to see your projects in your gardens! Jeanne S.

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Wow...nice junk!! Love your plate flowers and mushrooms especially, but it's all great!

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Gorgeous house and garden! Your "junk" is all so tastefully displayed. It doesn't detract from your house one bit. Which is saying something because it is all so stunning. That birdbath is the tops though! What did you make it out of?

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Is the bird bath from a mister? I use to have a couple...kicking self for getting rid of them..perfect for a bird bath. I love your house and porch!!! You have placed things so perfectly!!


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Thanks for all the nice comments, it's coming along pretty good. Sad thing is I've got 8 weeks until I have to start unpacking Christmas lights and checking them. We do a HUGE display, last year was over 70,000 lights, this year will probably exceed 100K. So I have to finish up all my GJ projects quickly, then I'll have to get everything cleared out of the yard to get ready for Christmas display!

Yes, Lisa, it is a mister. I found a complete one at a GS, the bowl was in a box. When I got it home, there were actually 2 bowls in the box. So I let my DD have the comeplete one for her room and I used the other for my birdbath. When she tires of it, I'll get it back and do one for my back yard as well...LOL

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from up here in Canada,

I enjoyed seeing that fine home you have made for yourself and family
Think, I would most of all like to join you on that porch, with a nice pot of tea, or even a Mint Julip.
Seems with so much gardening work we all take upon ourselves, there is little time for sitting.
But, the idea is very pleasing to me

Keep up the good work
Thanks for the photos

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Your house will look fantastic with all the lights and holiday decor.

Hope you can post pictures for us then too.

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bverste(zone 5)

I think thi site is misnamed, I saw no Garden Junk in your yard, I saw art. Lovely and restful and inspiring! thanks for sharing

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pondgal(6a Pa.)

What a beautiful home. I see you have been very busy. My favorite color is blue. I LOVE!! LOVE!!!!!! that blue birdbath.

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please adopt me, I love your home. I'll even clean your windows. ;-)

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

OHHH It just ooozes Southern Charm, what a beautiful breathtaking home; being from the desert of Southern Calif I truly appreciate the beauty of the South. My daughter lives in South Carolina so I have enjoyed visiting the South and the green green green everywhere!


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shpnquen(z5, IN)

The whole thing is just absolutely stunning!! I love the glass mushrooms, I must try those & everything blue is just so well done! Thank you for sharing with us!

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I love it. I love the porch. I love the yard.
I want to live there, LOL.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Your home looks so welcoming!! Yard is great. You do a great job.TFS

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I did mention this in my post earlier to copy and paste, but once I looked at these pics again I just decided to post and move it on up to the top. Just so gorgeous and had to share again. Thanks for the inspiration.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

What a lovely wonderful home. Your blue wicker on the porch is just perfect. I love the garden art. Are the teapots set on candlesticks? I love the simplicity and the whimsy. Marvelous.

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Hi all...sorry I haven't been around much. Been getting kids back in school and college. The 14 yr old is cheering and playing soccer, so I am on the go constantly.

Thanks again for all the sweet comments! Yes, Kathy the teapots are on candlesticks that had holes in the bottom and I found the right sized dowel to fit the holes.

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Having fun going thru some of these older posts. Nice to find some where the totems, plate flowers, etc. are actually out in gardens. I really like these.

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Thank you threekittens, they were a lot of fun to make and I'm ready to do some more...been stocking up over the winter, got to get busy soon!

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Love you Victorian Home! I didn't realize I was a member until I tried to register:) I've looked at so many of your creations, you are so inspiring!! I have a few questions I hope you don't mind :)
Your bird bath is made of what?
How did you make you flower plate? I saw what you did with a spoon but I must have missed what you used for the center of the plastic plate, was it another plate?
I love all your totems, neat how you turn a flower vase up side down and put your tea cups on them :)
I went to the thrif store looking at things in a whole new way. Thank You for posting your creations and your lovely home, Did I miss the backyard pictures?

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Hi Jackie,

The link for the back yard photos is below, if you scroll to the last posting there is a link in that post for the plate flower info. It's a large glass plate, smaller plate, and then smaller center of some sort, usually a votive holder or trinket box top.

The birdbath was made using a mister for the bowl, then I stacked 2 large vases and trimmed with glass stones.


Here is a link that might be useful: Back Yard

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

OMG. You have the house I've always dreamed of

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I was going to say how beautiful everything looks-BUT it has all been said already-so I'll just say I enjoyed looking and thanks or sharing!! Jlily

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