Garden Lady

oldcrafty(8)July 5, 2011

I was collecting clothes for a yard lady, have everything but the styrofoam head. This week-end I found this vaccuum cleaner cover at a GS for $2.00......wa-la instant yard lady!!! I just had to drive a piece of rebar in the ground, put a tomato cage over the rebar, to make her skirt stand out, then stuck a 2" PVC pipe in the area designed for the vaccuum handle to go and slipped the PVC over the rebar. My DH says she won't last long and I agree, but for $2.00 I'll enjoy her for as long as I can.

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That is sooooo sweet !!! Anyone know if you can paint waterseal on this to preserve??? maybe bring her in when it rains... shame for her to waste away. A great idea and I love her...

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Marlene Kindred

Cute, cute, cute! And yes, for $2, enjoy her while she lasts, then by that time, you will probably have made a new one.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

She is so pretty. Could you find a place for her on your porch or some other covered area. She is tooooooo cute to let the rain ruin her. You could put extra large garbage bags over her when it rain.....maybe! I wonder if you could get a couple of dry cleaner bags...............just a thought!

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Your garden lady is really cute. You need to do whatever you can to save her. Thank you for sharing.


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I'd have never thought to do that. She makes the perfect garden lady. I agree that you should try to find a place to put her that is covered. Maybe sit her on the porch in a chair?

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I wonder if she would last longer if you sprayed her really well with scotchguard?

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So cute!!

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Now this is a fantastic use of a vac cover! And she is so cute and just perfect to be outside "gardening" with you.
I hope she has a long life!

hugs, Karen

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She's adorable! Jan

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I wasn't going to do anything to her and now I'm thinking maybe I should. No porch big enough so thats out. She is under a tree for shade protection hoping she won't fade too badly. Wonder what would happen if I gave her several coats of spray on clear paint sealer?!?!?!?!?

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You got her for 2.00?? What a steal that is,i know that because i used to make them.Believe me they aren't fast to make.I made the rabbit,the cow ones.I still have my rabbit one,the others were orders by word of mouth and i sold them for 80.00.A lot of work goes into making those.

I have one of those peek-a-boo dolls out on my patio and this is her 3rd yearout there.She is in the shade,and in the winter or during rain storms we put her in the shed.So far she's held up well.

For her face and hands you could paint over those with gesso,or use decoupage glue.The dg dries clear,and hardens the fabric.The gesso i used to paint fabric before painting the features,to make it stiff and to keep the fabric from bleeding when i applied the paint.
Just an idea.

Before i forget,if you decide to use a spray sealer make sure it says"Non Yellowing" on the can!!

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How cute!! And I love the plant stand.

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ADORABLE!! Beyond cute!

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A wonderful Garden Lady!!!

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She is adorable! Somewhere I have a rabbit vacuum cleaner cover. Now I'll have to try and find it! I love the little funky metal chicken next to her too.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

what a great idea. I'm looking at a tomato cage and a plastic orb I have with new eyes.
That is one of the fantastic things about this group. I look at so many objects differently now. Even if I never make one, I've seen the world with new eyes.

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