establishing a lawn from seed and battling bindweed

s10sleeper(5b)April 11, 2012

I have been working on battling off all of the weeds in my yard since they started, primarily henbit at first, which from what I understand is supposed to be sprayed for in the fall, then the bindweed started, which has always overtaken the lawn. This year I decided to get aggressive early on it. In the areas I don't want anything growing such as where I am building a walkway I used Tordon RTU, everywhere else has been glyphosate concentrate, 2,4-d and and a generic version of Escort granules that i mix with 2,4-d and dish soap. What I have been doing is the area that has been worst with bindweed and sand burrs I planted a mixture of some fescue and mostly bermuda grass which has started, but there is also some bindweed poking out, which I hit with roundup spotshot foam to prevent killing the grass, which seems to help. I have not yet spread seeds in most of the yard as with the generic escort I wanted to give it a couple of weeks, plus I am going to cut everything down to ground level and use a tiller as the first 400 square feet I did by hand.

I bought a pound and a half of buffalo grass also which i plan to mix in and put in the sunniest area of the yard, the Tall Fescue I am putting in the shadier areas and bermuda everywhere, just to be able to have grass rather than that ugly bindweed.

Does anyone have any tips on keeping the bindweed under control so it doesn't choke out the grass before it establishes, plus I have no idea how often to use what I have which is Scotts Turfgrower spray which I attach to my hose and otherwise all I have is time released miracle grow and a bag of super phosphate as I had to have it last year for my stevia plants. I have no idea how often to apply the spray, I water it very well daily, about 1/2 inch.

The bindweed here is so bad that I gave up on gardens 2 years ago and went to oak barrels and this year a raised bed. Any ideas would be appreciated, although since I already bought it I am sticking with the bermuda though many may not like it, the fescue as it starts quick and the buffalo for its durability once it is established.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

For the bind weed you might try a product called Brush-B-Gone. It is made by the people who bring you Weed-B-Gone and Grass-B-Gone. It is a stronger version of Weed-B-Gone and is supposed to work only on weeds like the bindweed. My bindweed is in my shrubs, so I'm going to try and get it near the ground and start from there. The shrub happens to be surrounded by sticker burrs, so it won't be any fun working on it.

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That was something else I have tried, as I looked again at the bottle of concentrates I have, one of Fertilome's products has triclopyr and another had dicamba along with the 2,4-d. As I am watching the backyard these past few days, it is all yellowing and the bindweed is slowly withering. This was the area that I hit with a concentrate of 2,4-d and metsulfuron methyl. I was told it may take time but would work.

Our biggest problem in central and western Kansas is that the field bindweed has become resistant to glyphosate and 2,4-d. I guess just had to continue on it, but now it is trying to poke in where some has established, hopefully the bermuda will keep it down, plus I spot treat whenever I see them.

Today I did spread Tall Fescue underneath my tree along with some bermuda though it likes sun better, but I have more of it than others. Prior to doing that I had spread phosphorous in the area I tore up, worked the soil with my weasel and gave it some water, then today sowed the seeds, and applied scotts liquid turf grower. This particular area I had already gotten the weeds to die off, and it was loaded with earthworms.

It was tough to level out due to the steep grade between my house and my neighbor, we'll see how it turns out since it is a shady area.

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