Can you help me figure out what's wrong with this plant??

i_love_my_catDecember 15, 2010

I think there's something wrong with my chenille plant! I've been noticing that the leaves were having some issues, but just thought it was the plant adjusting to its new environment. However, I've had it about a month now, and the leaves are continuing to develop brown spots. If anyone has any ideas about what could be wrong, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

Lori (-:

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Chenille plants 'Acalypha' are very difficult grown indoors. They do great as a garden plant, but when potted and brought inside, problems such as dry air to Spider Mites occur.

During winter months place in a very bright window. 'sun differs in summer, they'll burn.'
They also need humidity and fresh, circulating air.
Keep out of hot 'heated' rooms. If you have a cool/cold, not below freezing, enclosed porch, room or basement, new growth should grow without discolored or dry leaves.
Avoid over-watering. In summer, 'when outside' soil should be kept evenly moist, but it differs during winter months.

I have Chinelle's cousin, Copper Leaf. It's looked better before coming indoors; several leaves dropped. Once days lenghten, new growth will form and leaf color will resume.

Chinelle is more difficult than Copper Leaf, but with some work, your plant should be okay.

Brighter light, humidity, 'spray/shower leaves,' fresh air, and soil drying between wateriings. Remmove leaves such as the one posted. Sometimes, pruning or pinching is recommended.

Chenille's are sold at garden centers, fairly inexpensive. When one is purchased as a house plant, price increases three times higher. Good luck. With care, you should see flowers in a month or two. Toni

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Toni, thank you for the info! I moved him to the brightest window in the house, but because it's in a bathroom, the window panes are frosted, so the light is diffuse. I already had him on a pebble tray and mist him 2x a day, but I thought the extra humidity from the bathroom might be beneficial, as well.

I don't really have a cold room in which I can put him, unfortunately. )-:

I took off the badly affected leaves, which didn't leave him many!! I did notice that there is quite a bit of new growth, though, which I hope is a good sign.

Lori (-:

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Misting the leaves could be causing that spotting.


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Just wanted to let both of you know that with your advice, my chenille plant looks much happier and is having a lot of new, healthy growth! I put it in the brightest window in the house and have been leaving the tub full of water (it's on the windowsill right above), to increase humidity. I also quit misting the leaves...and have had no new brown spots appear on the leaves since.

So, thank you!!

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