What to replace a lawn with, that will look natural and nice?

Melissa2013BApril 26, 2013

I'm 64, have mild asthma and mowing aggravates it. I'm also a little short of breath. I guess lung capacity diminishes with age.

We own this home in the Denver area and like living here, I'm just not so into moving anymore and can't afford to pay someone else to.

So we're interested in what to replace the lawn with, that will look natural and nice, and not cost much to do.

We can put in a drip system for the plants and trees.

Ideas please?

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Microclover might be a good alternative, but the seed is expensive.

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Don't like grass....plant white clover. Doesn't need fertilizer---it takes the nitrogen right out of the air. Doesn't need mowing half as much.....stays green....but just don't roll around on it...it stains.
Its invasive....it will take over a lawn and spreads easily---doesn't need as much seed as lawn grasses do.

But, lawns have weeds, and for them you spray a broadleafed herbicide to kill them.....
Cant do that with clover.....it will kill it.

Cant stand mowing anytime. rip out the grass, cement the lawn over and paint it green.
Folks in Las Vegas and Phoenix are fined if they plant grass.

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Folks in Phoenix are NOT fined if they plant grass. If there is such a law on the books (which I doubt), it is not enforced & I have never even heard of someone getting fined for planting grass.

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