Pregnant Onions got attacked..HELP!!!

flowerpottipperDecember 15, 2012

While I was gone yesterday, one of my guinea pigs escaped and made it's way over to the bottom shelf of where I'm keeping some of my smaller plants under lights for the cold months and ate the tips off of my pregnant onions....

Ok, so I have 4 pregnant onions in one pot...the biggest one she just ate one leaf, the smaller one was just the leaves, which I know will eventually grow back, but two of my onions got not just the leaves eaten off but a small part of the tops, a very small part of the tips...

do you think they will be fine?? I'm hoping that they'll just be deformed for awhile and eventually regrow new leaves....what do you guys think

The batteries in my camera are dead so I cant show you a picture, but imagine you took a dull knife and cut off the leaves with about a half an inch of the onion off with it...thats kinda what it looks like.

I just need reassurance that they'll be okay, my heart sinks everytime I look at it...and oh yeah, the guinea pig is fine, no ill effects. And I've stuck a good tie on their door. My two Shih Tzus dont care about the guinea pigs, they dont chase them or even give them a 2nd glance, so I told them they make bad guard dogs, they're suppose to protect my plants while I'm gone LOL.

Thank you

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Morning, FPT...

Bad, guinea pigs! Eating moms Pregnant Onions. :)

I can't be certain, but PO bulbs are pretty hardy.
Do you have one uneaten bulb left, in case?

Keep an eye on the bitten area..It won't hurt to sprinkle a little cinnamon on the tips. Where gp nibbled.

Even though gp was naughty, I'm glad he's fine.

LOL, Shih Tzus guard dogs..lolol..

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Thank you, I did already put cinnamon on the tips...yes, I have one that is fine and the smaller one should be fine, just the leaves gone, so two will be fine...but the other two, I dont know...They still have alot of babies, but of course they wont grow, I'm planning on putting them outside this spring and summer in hopes that the babies will finally do something.

Thank you again

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Hi....pets can really do a job on a plant, I had a cat destroy a spider plant....
if you loose the plant let me know I have lots of them, I can give you all you want.....
by the way how is the little fellow doing, did he get sick, sometimes plants are poisonous to animals and us...
not sure about the PO....I will have to google that....
good luck.....linda

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The guinea pig is fine, and today when I cleaned her cage she ran straight back to where she found my pregnant onions, but this time I was smart and moved everything before she got there. I guess pregnant onion (atleast the leaves) are not poisonous or hardly poisonous enough to cause any bad effects. I usually let the guineas run around while I clean their cage (which I do every other day cause they stink very bad) to let them get some excersize, but they usually stay near their home or run around my feet...the plants are across the room, but that one guinea I guess got bored and decided to go on an is kinda of a jungle in here anyways LOL.

Thank you for the offer, I'll let you know if my pregnant onions make a turn for the far they're doing fine...the tops seem to have healed over and they're still green...I'm thinking that in time they'll just regrow, hopefully. I know they grow by layers, so hopefully after several new layers they'll look okay again.


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