clivia seed question

marricgardensDecember 12, 2013

One of my clivias set seed pods, 3 of them. This morning I harvested one of them. There were 2 large seeds in it and one small one. When I cleaned them up, one of the large ones and the small one had germinated already. Is that normal? I planted them in Pro Mix and sprinkled with cinnamon. The last one (the one not germinated) is soaking in water with hydrogen peroxide in it. How long should I let it soak? I kept these seeds because this clivia had larger flowers than my other ones. Hope they grow! Marg

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I was taught buy someone who grows Clivia to pot the seed in mix & then COVER IT UP (w/ tin foil) to keep it from getting any light. That's how he told me to germinate it & it worked (I opened it to check every few days).

I don't know why one would soak a seed in H peroxide, I'd get it out of there ASAP if it were mine.

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I did plant the one that was soaking today. The instructions I used were at this site,
I did check the clivia forum to, verrrry slow moving this time of year, and most people said to just push the seed into the surface of the soil. That's what I did except for the 2 that had germinated in the seed pod. Now to hope they grow! Thanks. Marg

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Sorry, but something doesn't sound right. Clivia seeds take as long as 8 months to mature and the seed pod turns red. When cleaning, did you see something sticking out of the seed and thinking it was germinating? I did hear of soaking seeds with a mix containing peroxide but I have always had luck with soaking in warm water with Root-Tone mix. One day then in their potting tray covered. In a week I see germinating. Then in 5 years you may be rewarded with blooms.

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I had read up on seed pods and did know that they had to turn red. Mine were on the plant for nearly a year and had turned, they fell of when I touched them. I also read about the thin membrane covering them and that it had to be removed so I did that. I soaked the one seed overnight, th3e one that hadn't germinated, and then planted. I was just wondering if it is usual for them to germinate in the seed pod? Both those are growing and doing well. Marg

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I have heard of a story like yours before so I guess it can happen. Do you belong to the 'Great Lake Bulb Society'? They have all the infomation you can get.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Marric: I've had several Clivia seeds sprout inside the seed pod. It's not that unusual when the berries are on the plant for six months or more. Some of mine sprout even before the berry changes color. I also soak the ones that haven't sprouted yet in a 3-1 mix of water and hydrogen peroxide because they can take weeks to sprout and are at risk of succumbing to fungal diseases during that time. They usually sprout in the water well. If I cover Clivia seeds when I plant them on top of the mix instead of in water, I use plastic wrap and not something like foil that would block light. They should not be buried. I highly recommend the link from Shields Garden.

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Thanks. I did read the Shields Garden article. From the 2 that had sprouted, 1 is actively growing. When I sowed the other 2 seeds, I just pressed them into the soil surface and put the pots under a dome with a few other plants. They were soaked before planting so I guess they will germinate. Should I move them to another tray and cover them with plastic or do you think the dome will be good enough?

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

If the dome keeps the humidity high, and you don't allow the seeds to dry out before they sprout, it should be enough. My preferred method of sprouting Clivia seeds is to put them in a Ziplock bag with damp long fiber sphagnum moss. The moss has some anti fungal qualities.

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