Flamingo Sparkler

oldcrafty(8)July 23, 2010

Completed my first attempt at a sparkler. Figured out a few changes I'd like to make on my next try....but all and all this was a good first one. At least it is useable.

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At first look it made me LOL !!!! VERY CUTE !

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That is so cute!! Are they cake decorations?? I went back to get candle holder at TS but it was gone so guess others like the birds too!Jan

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Actually everything on that sparkler was one necklace. It looks to me like it needs more beads but thats all that was on the necklace. I purchased it last year at a party supply store in the discount basket and had no clue why I bought it. Knew why when I wanted to make my 1st spakler! Been to all the resale shops around here looking for "Big and Gaudy" necklaces for beads and haven't found any....but I'm still looking.

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Great Sparkler, love the flamingos, and thanks for the jewelery idea!

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That is so cute, I love it, it's my two favorite colors and I adore mingos. After you said it was made from a necklace, it hit me, I have that same necklace hanging on a giant flamingo at my house. I like how you painted the pipe part, it really ties it all together. Thanks for the pix.

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Marlene Kindred

Great sparkler Crafty! Love the flamingos! Did you use pvc pipe for the base and did you just drill small holes in the cap?

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Yep.....1/2 inch PVC used smallest drill bit I could find I filled the PVC cap with GEII before putting on top of pipe. I tried to secure all those loose flying all over the place pieces of wire with no success...that's when I came up with the idea of using PVC and drilling holes. After seeing the sparkler made using the cork to hold the wires in place I think that was a good idea also, next time I will try glueing a cork inside the PVC cap and then poking in the wires. My thoughts are that the PVC will protect the cork from weather rot......that is if corks rots exposed to the weather!

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Crafty Gardener(ON 5b)

great idea, adding this to my to do list

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

You have made so many nice things, but I think this is my favorite. I LOVE it!! What would you change next time? It looks pretty darn good to me. Makes me feel good just looking at it (lol).

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Love it!! I've been wanting to make one (or two or three...)of these, but wasn't sure how I was going to organize all the wires - I like your idea of the painted PVC/drilled cap. TFS!


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LOL ...those poor little mingos! My first thought was "bait on a fishing line!" sorry! Like, "help, get me off of here!" CUTE!!! (now wouldn't little earthworms be cute, too!) I see you bent the wire instead of crimp beads & drilled PVC pipe...you came up with some good ideas here for GJers! TFS! Jeanne S.

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bverste(zone 5)

too cute, I need to start looking in clearance baskets LOL

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Crafty, what gauge wire do you have there? For a big sparkler, I think using a coat hanger would be good, providing I can find beads to fit on it!

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That is adorable! I was wondering how flamingos were going to be a part of a sparkler when I saw the subject line of your post and never imagined flamingo beads! Very original and cute sparkler. I like your idea of the pvc pipe with the cap with holes drilled into it. Some fancy sparklers I have seen in stores had the wire going into a copper pipe which was hammered flat at the top where the wires were inserted. Yours looks so much neater!

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Thanks for all the nice compliments.
Grandma Cindy, I purchased 16 gauge wire at the local hardware store. The label just called it Multi-purpose wire.........Sure was lots on the spool, guess I'll be making lots of sparklers. Just this morning I found some very small salt and pepper shakers, light weight and adorable and for some reason it was a set of 4 I figure that's just enough for a sparkler that is as soon as I find some more beads!

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found this old post bookmarked. We were just talking about flamingos.

Tally HO!

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That is so cute. I love the idea of jewelry from the party supply stores. What garden can't use some sparkle? I know mine can. :)

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