What is the average, (days/weeks) TC 'flowers' live?

birdsnbloomsDecember 9, 2012

Getting TC's/Thanksgiving Cactus to bloom isn't a problem, but keeping flowers alive more than 4-5 days is an issue.

Does anyone know the length of time TC blooms should live?

Actually, my TC flowers barely make it 4-5 days.. Is 4 days too short or average?
If so, what can be done to prolong bloom time before flowers fade away?

How many days/weeks, do your TC blooms last?

Thanks, Toni

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I would also like to know.

I'm a TC newbie, but on mine I have observed that the flowers look pretty and formed and full for about 2.5 days, after that, they are still 'pretty', but they start wilting and drooping a bit and lose their shape until they look spent, maybe another 2-4 days later.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

2 - 5 days depending on temperature and humidity, I'd wager.


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Wendy, thanks..So, fading TC flowers do well 4-5 days...
What made me curious is, TC's sold in stores seem to continue blooming a week or longer.

On the bottom of your post it says, 'This post was edited by Wendy, blah blah.' Did you write it or is it another GW feature?

Hey Josh..long time no see. Where have you been hiding?

How's your true Christmas Cactus? Has it started budding/flowering?
I remember seeing a pic on another thread/forum, but no buds. I believe CC bloom later than TC????

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Hi Toni! All that wait, just to see our flowers spent within 5 days?lol

Mine are ina cool, moist room, and still after 5 days, they are goners..I guess you can say they last longer than those one day blooming varieties..lol

By the way, editing is a new feature!

Look under..'clippings' to the right of your name. You can come back and edit your postings at any timeeeeeeee


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The individual blooms on mine are also about five day wonders, and they are in a cool room. I am not so sure a vendor really does much better. Now if they are blooming on one side closest to the window first, and then the other side, this can make the bloom time seem longer.

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Ours have been around 5-7 days. Since I started gardening with daylilies, to me 5 days is more than enough! I am easy to please!

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Mike...can't complain..ever have Hibiscus? Flowers last a little over 24-hours..the difference, Hib buds and flowers bloom continuously. Well, almost..Depends on light.

Yeah, all that waiting..one reason I'd like yellow & green, or white & green, variegated TC. :)

Mike, my TC's are in a cool room, too..Ironically, one newer TC is in the LR..LR is much warmer, yet the flowers are still alive..been more than 5 days..Less light..wonder if that makes a difference...

Mike, after clicking on 'Preview Message,' I have the option to correct mistakes..Is that the same as 'Clipping'?

ASeed...actually, the TC's I've seen are nowhere near a window..the only light source they get is artificial.
Also, most had/ve buds, so they probably open/ed some time between shopping days.

Rachel..do you grow Daylilies indoors? In containers?

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Toni: my daylilies are outside in containers.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Toni and Mike ;-)

Toni, I've been busy with the end of the school semester approaching, but I'll be around
more when Christmas Vacation commences!

My Christmas Cactus is, indeed, setting up buds! I'm so glad that the late-season re-potting
didn't seem to affect the buds. The plant has never looked better, and blooms should begin
to open right around Christmas. Definitely later blooming than the TC's.

Even my constantly pruned bonsai CC is setting buds! I guess that even pruning won't prevent
the flowers, once the plant has achieved enough mass/maturity.


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Rachel..I thought, by chance, you grew lilies indoors. I tried once..kept bulbs in the fridge..no luck.

Josh. When your CC flowers, please post pics.

I didn't know you had a CC bonsai..have a pic? I can't imagine what CC bonsai looks like or how it grows.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Oh, yeah, I've posted pics of the bonsai before :-)
Long ago, I decided to try rooting a *woody* piece of my Christmas Cactus
so that I could establish a trunk that much sooner. Well, it worked, and I've been
pruning the plant constantly to keep the arms sturdy without too much drooping.

Here's the Mother :-)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

And the plant I'm growing in bonsai fashion...
I rooted this three years ago, and I cut it back three times a year at least.
*Note: this image was taken at the end of August.

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Josh, it's been a while since seeing mom CC. She grew so big. Yep, I see buds. Many buds.

How many segments did it take to start CC bonsai? It grew quite a bit in three years, Josh.

When you say bonsai..is CC growing in a small pot? Do you have a goal, a certain look in mind? Interesting.

I'm impressed..

Well, to the doctor...Beautiful CC, Josh.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Toni.

When I say bonsai, I mean using bonsai techniques to maintain size and to accentuate
a tree-like habit - namely, focusing on a fatter, woody trunk and pruning so that the canopy
has the strength to support the foliage without drooping as the plant typically does.

This is to give you an idea of how the cutting looked in its early days. I thought it would die
at first....then it started to show signs of new growth :-)

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