What To Do With Weeds?

VengeFulHemiApril 13, 2011

Hello All: I'm new to this website, but I have viewed it many times in the past and have got great help from it and thought it's about time I joined. I do have a question about weeds in my lawn. I live in palm coast,fl. My lawn has been overrun(front&rear) with tons upon tons of weeds. A week&half ago I had sprayed the entire lawn with the bayer southern weed killer and now all the weeds have turned yellow(assuming they have been murdered by me). Now there are wayyyy too many to pull out by hand(would take weeks to do). Now that they appear dead, what do I do ? I am planning to seed with bermuda once the overnight temps stay a steady 65deg. So what do I do now about the weeds that I have successfully killed off? Many thanks to all.


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Try raking the lawn and remove the dead material. Work first one way....say, east to west, then the opposite.
Use a fan rake and use as much weight on it as you see fit to open furrows where overseeding can be done. If you prefer, put down a 1/2" layer of compost or good topsoil prior to overseeding. If the weeds are really dead, then they are not growing and will offer no barrier to new grass coming in. Soon the grass will push out the dead material.
Then put your lawn on a schedule of proper fertilizing for the type of grass you have. The happier, and more lush the lawn gets, the less chance it can be adversely affected by weeds.
To that, put your lawn on an routine of topdressing 1/2" and over seeding--whether it shows whether it needs it or not at least annually.
For the type of grass you have mow at the correct height.
You may wish to leave the grass a bit higher, for a time anyway while it also helps prevent weeds by shading the weed seeds that may be there from last fall.
A further pre-emergent application can also prevent these weed seeds developing somewhat. There's always some that make it.

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