Trellis for Web Window

excessfroufrou(7)July 22, 2010

I have such a wonderful DH, look what he built this past weekend, with just a little help from me. It turned out bigger than either one of us planned, but has lots of room for garden junk (art). It is on the side of my house right out from my kitchen window, so I don't have to look at my neighbor's brick wall and air conditioner. Beside the web window, I had the watercan, totem and blue sun catcher left over from my sale last Christmas. The birdhouse was built by a little boy across the street for my birthday one year (he's nearly grown now). I painted it the blue and white and then got carried away with the horns (from DH's hunting last fall). He says it's a little much, but I like it, it makes me laugh. A quick trip to the flea market netted the blue insulators. About a month ago I got the two red honeysuckles off the clearance at Lowe's for $2.00 each, so they were ready for a home. This is a little big and eclectic for something not in the backyard, but you have to look for it from the street to see it and my neighbor is a single mother of three and has three jobs and could care less about yards, mine or hers.


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Barbara Kelly

OH I adore that! How creative you are. Love the spider web window.. so sweet, everything looks great together.

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WOW!!! INSPIRING!!!! Good Job the two of youse!!! I'm working on my GOG Trellis today!!! Have barely started on my window, just cleaning it up as it is old and decrepid, but want to use it as it was here when we bought the place so want to give it a new life! Just painted the trellis pcs, am planning to plant a couple of clematis on either end like youse did(great minds think alike!Also got my vines on sale!) LOVE all the blues you have going on!

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Marlene Kindred

Looks great Frou! Great home for your beautiful web window! What a great DH for making this project for you....TFS!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Love it! Love the color! Love the creation! INSPIRING! Our shower stall bursted one night...the weirdest thing! Wish I would've kept the glass to create something as cool as this! INSPIRING! (Oh, I said that already...but it's worth saying twice!) TFS! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Great trellis, frou! It's a perfect resting place for your Web Window! Give that DH an extra big hug! Love the blending of the blues!...and the mixed media that you used...but I LOVE how you tied in all the glass..your beautiful totem, the WWindow & those glass insulators on top!

Are you just trying out the Honeysuckle there? (cause it's in pots is why I'm asking)...these plants may cover everything there! Cause they grow, twist & grab on for good support. Your trellis is a winner for such plants. But I like calamity's idea of Clematis, too.

I'm sure your neighbor's kids will appreciate this view, too! It's an original pc of art! (GJ art!) TFS! Jeanne S.

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That is just to cool!!!! I really love it .I want one!!!

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What a great way to highlight your gorgeous web window and hide the view of your neighbor's house! I love all the pretty aqua colors and that birdhouse is a hoot! I love the antlers on it. It will look even prettier with the honeysuckle growing on it. I wish I was your neighbor! lol

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I second what everyone else said. That is wonderful, your DH is wonderful, your spider 'n web are wonderful......
Love it ALL.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks everyone. Kirkus, one of our french doors just shattered into a million pieces too. It is wierd. I had a friend that owns a golf cart business tell me this about safety glass. If you put a glob of sunscreen in the middle of a windshield (piece of safety glass) and set it in the sun, it will shatter. It has to do with the tempertures being uneven, I think. Anyway maybe this is why sometimes they just shatter on thier own. Jeanne, I went ahead and put the Honeysuckle there, because it is some kind of hybrid and not so invasive. I have one like it on a trellis (not nearly as large as this one) on my back deck. I've had it in the same pot for about 5 years and it even survives the winters. On the other hand my fall blooming Clematis completely covers and obscures my six foot tall brick mailbox. If they don't work I'll move them and try something else. DH says I wear the roots off my plants moving them from one place to the next. And it's true if something isn't doing good, I'll move it till it's happy.

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WOW..........It all looks so great. I like the horns on the bird house.....a little element of surprise in an unexpected place makes it more unique. My son hangs deer horns in the trees for the squirrels to chew on and putting them on a bird house would make them hanging there more attractive. Gonna have to try that idea! The blues are real soothing to the eye. Can't wait to see your next great treasure!!

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All looks great together, antlers are nice for birds to perch on & spider in web window gives lots of interest. Vines will soften the lines & make it a great spot to look at while doing dishes. Very sturdy & attractive trellis ! Jan

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Very nice structure and my favorite color to boot. Great idea with the antlers. Gives me food for thought with using my insulators. Your neighbors have to be green with envy.

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Isn't nice to have a husband that is a team player in projects!! Very nice it all goes together well


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I agree with everyone else. You are very talented and lucky to have your hubbies help. What a beautiful view you have now from inside to out. Thanks for sharing.

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it's beautiful!! I love it!!!

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