bama66April 18, 2014

I finished building my house in late September/early October last year. I planted an annual rye grass to hold the soil through the winter, which grew pretty thin and patchy, probably because it was still hot when I planted. The rye grass is now starting to turn brown, mainly because I've been mowing it low trying to get it to die. I have overseeded it with sta-green bermuda blend in my front yard, for the back I went with fescue because it is mostly shaded, even the rye grass didn't come in under the trees. What do I need to do to help this bermuda come up and get established? I will put some nitrogen on it this weekend, after a birthday party in the back yard. The seed has been on the ground for almost a week now. So it should be about to germinate. Anything else I need to do? Aerate? Rake? Just looking for tips to make this seeding easier and cheaper by not screwing it up.

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One thing is that you seeded the Bermuda to early. You should have waited until late next month as soil temps are not high enough yet. you will have to keep the soil moist not wet through out the day. Water for like 3 to 5 min. 4 times a day. You may not see germination until a month from now or later...lots of wasted water...

guess u are in Alabama? here in tx. Are temps are not high enough yet for Bermuda germination.

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It's going to be 80's this week with lows in the 60's. I also used unhulled bermuda, which should take longer to germinate. Will it hurt it laying dormant for a few weeks? The neighbors sodded bermuda is already fully green.

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One more side note, I put out 15 lbs of unhulled bermuda in late October when I planted the rye grass. What is the chance it made it through the winter? I have five more pounds I was going to save until it gets a little warmer and I can see if there are any bare spots. My theory of planting this early was to let Mother Nature do the watering, since my water bill was about $200 when I planted the rye in October.

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Are you saying Rye and Bermuda seed went down in Oct and nothing since? If that is the case i would suspect maybe 5% of the Bermuda made it depending on your winter. If you had some freezing temps in Nov then i would not count on any Bermuda to have made it. Bermuda seed really needs about 100 days before 1st freeze to have a good chance to make it though winter.

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Yeah I spread bermuda on the bare ground (after Harley raking it) with the rye. It was Late September, and I was just hoping some of it would survive and help spread out this spring. I know I'm not going to have a perfect yard instantly, just want to make sure I'm doing it right. I bought a spike aerator and went over the whole yard today, and spread 40lbs of 29-0-3 on the bermuda and in the back (mostly shade) I put 70lbs of fescue and 40lbs of 13-13-13.

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