Cross-country transport?

lexie1397December 20, 2012

Hello All,

I have been given a great work opportunity. I am concerned about how to relocate my plants with me from Oregon to Indiana.
All of my personal items are being packaged along with company equipment in freight trucks. We have been told to expect three to five days in transit.

My options are to either pack them inside wood crates with other boxes, or take cuttings and somehow save them in my car which will be on a flatbed truck and open to some light. This is all happening in January, so I am more concerned with having them freeze than with any damage or darkness.

Any recommendations??

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Congrats on your new job! I wouldn't be confident about either of those options. Would overnighting the plants separately be an option?

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I'm wanting more info about the quantity/types. My last move was only a "daylong drive" last January, but we were able to put plants in plastic bins without lids and keep them in a warmed car. We never considered putting them in the Uhaul as I was worried things would shift and crush them.

I'm reminded of my two cross country moves where we moved with the cat. If the quantity was small, I would treat plants the same way, kept in containers in the back seat of a car and moved into the warmth of a hotel at night. Plants and pets are like family for me, so I've made accommodations accordingly.

Anyway, I don't know if any of that is useful or applicable, but I hope everyone here can help you come up with a plan!

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Thanks for the replies!

Purpleinopp: The company is paying for our moving costs, and while the owner is also a plant lover, she isn't willing to pay THAT much for me to have greenery! Some of our containers are rather large.

Rachel: So far the list of plants that we'll move is: two small/medium african violets, one small christmas cactus, 2' tall mother-in-law's tongue, pothos w/ a couple 8 foot vines (might get a haircut), angel wing begonia in a 14" pot (WILL get a haircut, it's lanky and I already know it bounces back very well), ficus benjamina 12" high in 6" pot, peace lily in 12" pot, a few spider plant pups, and an 18" tall money tree. I will also grab a few jade leaves from the massive tree where I am now (owner is ok with it) and pack them with the other cuttings. There is also an outdoor 3' cement pot with a small rosemary but I'm not really concerned about that one; it's used to the cold.

Fortunately we should be able to pack things rather securely; we have 4'x4'x4' wood crates that will have plywood lids nailed on. Our boxes are all the same height and fit very well into the crates so I can get a nice secure base. I never pack anything against a plant that is taller than the pot, so worst case, I'll only lose the container.
Since I am flying with the dog, my car will be on a flatbed freight truck. The other option is to secure the plants in the car where they should at least get some light. I suspect that in good weather they will get enough light on the windows to prevent freezing during the day, but if the truck gets caught in a storm I will lose them for sure.

My best estimation is to take cuttings from the ones I can and put them in one location while the containers ride in the other. That way, I might have some survive. Luckily, none of these are terribly difficult to find or grow, but each one has memories attached.

Looking forward to any other suggestions or experience!

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