Help! I want to price plate flowers by Saturday!

concretenprimroses(4B NH)July 30, 2011

Please help me figure out how to price plate flowers and totems. I'm thinking of renting a booth at old home days in a town where I think they would go well. Someone here said they price the ones they like the best the highest which makes sense to me. I'm thinking of selling the posts and rebar separate. The spoon backs could hang on a fence or people may already have something else to stick them on.

Please tell me your experiences! And your prices.



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Here's what the pros on Etsy say:

Take the cost of your supplies, plus labor time- double- this equals wholesale price.

Double wholesale price for retail.

Now I know that at this price, I wouldn't sell a ding dang single one. We live in Michigan, and the Dutchies (including me!) want a good, fair price.

So I double my price for the very, bare minimum-
Copper pipe- I cut into thirds, so the cost of one stem is $3.33.
Add the screw and nut- .50.
Plates- depends on how many- usually the cost is no more than $3.
so that equals a cost of 6.83,

Labor is hard to figure out, because I do multiples in phases- so, well, don't tell the Etsians, I don't figure that in...

Doubling the minimum price would be $12.50 or so.

I can get $15 for most of my flowers, but if one has more than 2 or 3 plates, I price at $18 -$20.

Totems? that's a nother story... figure double the cost, and see how much you think people will be willing to pay!
I sell at a craft mall, and have sold most of my smaller ones for an average of $7. But I've also sold a $40 one- but I had to be really patient to sell that one!
Again, $15 - $20 seems to sell well.

Most of all talk to people, get your name out there, and Have FUN!

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Kathy- I had thought of bringing a potted plant and displaying one or two of the dish flowers in it, using an 18-inch piece of pipe, and having the other dish flowers, displayed alongside on the table.

I am debating selling the pipes as they would be a lot to manage and would be hard to price - little room for markup. I might carry a few 18-inch pieces of pipe, just to see how they sell. I am anxious to hear from others on price. I just figured I would double whatever I spent on materials and then just round up to include my labor.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

thank you for your answers.
I like the idea of the potted pot. I think if I bring "pipes" I would bring pvc electrical conduit (gray) cut on the chop saw so one end is a little pointy to push into the ground. I spray paint over the writing. Even the metal conduit is inexpensive (but that I cut straight). I would cut them short enough that I could sell them for $1 each, maybe 2 feet. Just so a person could walk away with the complete thing if they wanted to.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to make at least 10 flowers.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I hope you will post a photo. I'd really like to see them. Have you decided on a price?

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I think it depends some on the area where you're selling. My flowers go for $20 - $24 locally. They're selling for more on etsy. I sell the totems for $29 - $32, the stakes for $20 - $24. Large bird baths have sold for $36 up to $52, the shorter ones for a little less.

I hope you do well.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Thank you for your answers. I'm off to clear off the dining room table so I can layout a bunch of them. It takes me a while to get them just how I want them.

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