Crab Grass - seeding/fertilizer what goes first

kgj-maApril 5, 2009

I live in New England and after this winter my lawn is hurting to say the least. I plan to fertilize with crab grass control included but I am concerned that this will kill the young grass that I have growing. Should this be a concern? When I say young grass it is not anything that I planted this year. I plan or fertilizing with crab grass control then plan new seed in about 2-3 weeks. Please help if I am way off base. thanks

Note that I limed the yard last week and have raked the dead grass/sticks etc off.

Just need help on what comes first (seed or Fertilizer) and if the crab grass control will kill the young grass I have growing?

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Seed 1st, then when you have cut it once, you can put down weed killer with fertilizer.Or you can put weed killer now but wait a month at least till you seed as weed killer will kill any new grass comong up.

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Thanks. will the fertilizer with crab grass control the grass I have growing now?

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No crabgrass controler will not kill your grass.But it will make it weaker.You will want to put down regular fertilizer again in about 2 months though.You could go with milorginite so as not to overdose you new seeds.

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