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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)December 2, 2012

Is this in the Croton family.

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It certainly appears to be, but I could not tell you specifically which one. I would be inclined to say it is a Croton Banana, but not sure of the Latin name. If you do a goodle image search for croton banana you might be able to get the exact type. Good luck. It is a very pretty plant.

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Tiff. Your plant is definately a Croton, but can't find its species.
I Googled Croton pics..of all Crotons on one site, yours looks like a combo between Croton Banana and Croton Banana Red. lol..sorry, not much help. Toni

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

The houseplant commonly called 'Croton' is Codiaeum variegatum. The picture does appear to show one of the many cultivars of this species. Croton itself is a different genus, so, strictly speaking, this plant is not 'in the Croton family,' although it is a 'Croton' in common parlance. Don't know how the two species ended up confused.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Just like Pothos and Vinca...

Tiff, is it one of these EA plants? "Croton" at EA. Maybe bush on fire? (Not a name I'm a fan of, why not just call it yeast infection?!) I see that one at WM often.

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Purple, ROFL

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