I am so sad and mad...

greendale(6B)December 22, 2012

Got this Braided Pachira 2 months ago from Lowe's, It is still in its original soil and pot, I planned to re-pot it into gritty mix when spring comes. I have been watered once as I checked the soil it is moist all the time. I checked everyday but today I find that one trunk is dying. I think it started couple days ago but somehow I missed it. (this and the not re-potting are the mad part). The upper part of the green branch looks fine and leaves are still green, but the bottom part of that green branch is change to gray/brown and wrinkly. The hardwood trunk is wrinkle too, you can almost feel that the bark and the center wood is separated. Is it a goner? Other trucks are doing fine although there are leaves turn brown and falling off - but there are some new leaves growing also. I searched the forum and see most people had the same problem. But never get the reason and answer why (Cold, wet, less light?) it is happen or how to save this trunk, It is so sad that one of the 5 trunks are going to die. Also,when I bought it in Lowe's, there are other trees which have the same symptom - one trunk is obvious dead - the bark is brown and wrinkle.


The picture of whole tree

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the most front trunk is the problem one

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The left most trunk is the one in question

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Bottom of the green branch is browning

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But the upper part is still green. Might just be a day or two before it change to brown too?

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Hi Dale.

I don't understand. Are you upset because trunks are brown? If so, don't be. Pachira trunks brown w/age. Your tree is large, so a brown trunk is normal.

Leave falling. There are several reasons leaves brown/yellow and fall off.

Don't want to sound like the voice of doom, but have you checked for insects? Sticky leaves, white or brown bumps, webs or spots that shouldn't be on leaves/stems?

During winter, Pachira soil should dry between watering.
I grow my two as succulents.
By chance, are you over-watering? Also, is soil well-draining?

Years ago, whenever I purchased Pachiras, they died.

Deciding to try once again, I purchased Pachira from a nursery that sells succulents, fat plants and bulbs. 1990.
Instead of caring for new Pachira as I did ex-Pachiras, 'as tropicals,' 'after reading the care sheet included w/plant,' I decided to grow Pachira as a succulent.

Pachira was potted in a very small container, 3", (Pachira was a stick that arrived bare-root,) bright light, outdoors during summer, no direct, summer sun, and under-potted. It worked...it's alive and healthy.

I bought a braided Pachira which is cared for the same way. No shedding on either plant.

So, despite medium your Pachira is potted in, allow soil to dry, 'almost' completely. As you would a succulent.

Good luck, Toni

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'm sorry about those rotting trunks :-(

This is fairly common with braided Pachira. I usually tell folks to select the healthiest trunk,
and then separate and re-pot it as a solo plant. It is possible to keep braided Pachira healthy,
but I've seen so many simply die back to one trunk that I like to mention it right up front.

With that green growth on the dying trunk, you can actually cut the still-vital tip
and attempt to root it. Not the best time of year for it, but what can it hurt, right?

If it's any consolation, the rot had probably set in when the plant was still at Lowe's. Even
a re-potting at the time of purchase might not have saved that trunk. Clearly, something needs
to be done, though, before the remaining trunks suffer a similar decline.


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Toni, Sorry I have been vague. I was asking the is the particular trunk shown on the picture a goner? I think it is rotting but just do not want to admit it.

No there is no insects, I am quite sure. Also I do not believe it is over watering - I have it 2 months and only watered once.

Josh, So you think I should repot it into a gritty mix now (instead wait until spring?) There is no way to save that rotting trunk? I kind like 5 trees together (even they are not braided) as I do not have that many pots and places to put them.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I would remove the rotting trunk immediately.

If you've only watered once in two months, I must assume that the soil holds too much moisture....
otherwise, you've been underwatering. I've watered my Pachira twice in the past two weeks,
especially since there are new leaves growing.

I always hesitate to suggest an out-of-season re-potting, but if it means the difference between
the life and death of a plant....well, the choice is obvious.


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