Tipsy Rain Chain

excessfroufrou(7)July 19, 2010

Here is the tipsy rain chain that I made. I found the little watering cans at the $ store (they were already painted) and I got the chain (already painted) at a GS. Our gutter was bad to overflow on this end and was making a hole in the lawn, so this is my attempt to disfuse it a little. I've wanted a rain chain for a long time, but the copper ones I found on-line were not in my budget, but this was for $8.00. I hope the cans hold up a while (maybe being enameled at the factory will help), they had galvanized ones too, but I was afraid they would rust right away.


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kelly_oh(OH z6)

LOVE it!!! let us know how it holds up, I've also wanted a rain chain forever, but just can't see spending that much money. I have some parts I bought to 'make' one, just haven't gone through the process from thinking to doing yet! :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

That's so neat, Frou! Do the spouts work? I'm picturing the water running down the chain and out or the little spouts.

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I like yours more than any other that I have seen in picures Your porch looks so inviting and not overly cluttered.

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bverste(zone 5)

so pretty, I wonder if you sprayed it with a clear sealant would help keep the colors bright. very pretty and very clever.

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What a fantastic project! Very creative and so well done! Your patio is sooo inviting! You have been sooo busy this summer creating beautiful things! TFS Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Really cute!!!!

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Marlene Kindred

Love the way your rain chain turned out Frou! The watering cans are just as cute as they can be! AND...I love your bird feeder stand too! Looks wonderful!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

That is very cute. It will be interesting to see how it works. Did you paint the cans? Cute. Love your totem too. I agree your patio is very inviting!

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Absolutely adorable and so creative. I love the setting presented in your photo, very nice.

It will be interesting to see how the rain chain performs during a heavy rain. You'll have to keep us informed.

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How cute! And I see your painted your patio furniture to match the rain chain too! he-he It does match your patio furniture perfectly. I always loved rain chains but like you, I think they are too expensive. Let us know how well yours work. You might have started a big trend!

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Looks good, frou! Take a pic when it rains, will ya? LOL! I'm sure they must overflow from the top & down the chain. I think it is so CUTE!

Menards had those coppery-looking ones are sale earlier & I got one...but DH said wouldn't work good enough that close to the he made a rain barrel for me instead! So I'm lookin' for another project to use it on. I do love the looks of it, too.

As others said, your porch area is gorgeous! Looks so inviting...I'll bring my book over! TFS, frou! Jeanne S.

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Love your little watering cans, will be so cool if water could spray out of the spouts! Looks great even if it didn't work that way. I like your porch area too!! Jan

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Thanks guys, we really enjoy our porch and deck daily, even though it has been hot, hot, hot. It hasn't rained yet, but I tested the rain chain with the hose and it actually worked pretty well. The water runs down the chain and into the pots and on about the first four cans the water actually sprays out the spouts.

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What a clever idea! and the price was certainly right on! I bet it is really cute when the water comes out of the little spouts. And I agree looks real inviting.........seems to say come and rest awhile!

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