Poinsettias at Meijers

nicoblue74(5IN)December 2, 2012

Hello, all! I used to frequent this forum back around 2000, but have been only a lurker for awhile. However, I had to share my find. Our Meijer stores in Indy have poinsettias for a little over $3. I ended up with 5 different colors: red, white with pink, red with white splash, light and dark pink, and a rose form. They also had very small ones in cute little pots. I also ended up bringing home a variegated holly with berries on it for $6. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Now if someone could tell me where to buy a Chistmas Cactus. I know I have had them before, but I can only find the Thanksgiving varieties these days.

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Christmas Cactus aren't considered commerically viable these days, and you won't find them in the big box stores or grocery stores. I have heard of people finding CC at a local nursery, but I have not been so lucky. You can buy cuttings or plants on Ebay, but the prices are outrageous (IMO). You may have success asking friends and neighbors, because there are still CC out there, old ones. Yard sales, Craig's list are another option.

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