Root Rot?? Peace Lily

Cerrie123December 14, 2013

I have a PL that I have had two years Dec. 3 at my Grannys funeral. It started drooping leaves turning yellow brown tips. I re potted and didn't realize that the soil I bought stayed wet...I don't know if it is to late for my plant, I have re potted again, and noticed that some of the roots were rotted. What can do at this point, is it too late/?? =(

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Here is a picture of my plant, it is mostly dropping, Which I thought it needed more water.

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I'm sorry to say it is to late, once the roots start to rot there is little hope.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I agree with Christine. PL can be a bit of a challenge to master.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I agree with Christine. PL can be a bit of a challenge to master.

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Cerrie, First, sorry about your grandma.

Although it'll take effort, don't give up...just yet. Especially since your PL has sentimental value.

What type of soil is PL in now? What soil/mediums do you have available?
And what size is the container?

Remove entire plant, roots and all from it's pot..Toss old soil.

(Is lower soil dry, moist, wet?)

Remove dead roots and cut yellow/brown leaves off.
Pot size should not be more than two sizes larger than roots.
Unless you're an over-waterer, :) plastic pots are preferable.
Set PL in center of pot, then add new soil/medium around root ball until your PL is completely re-potted.

Water thoroughly. Set your PL in bright light, with temps 65-68F degrees.
PL's dote on humidity. Do you use a humidifier? It's a good idea to spray leaves with mister and/or sink hose, once every other week.

PL's are strange plants. Some people here grow their PL's as bog plants. A couple members showed pics of their PL's that sat in a little water 24/7..they're beautiful. But, I believe there's a trick growing plants in water, so I don't advise growing as bogs..not at this time anyway.

Good luck, Toni

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I agree with Toni, as long as there's still some root system I'd give it a chance. You've nothing to lose. I grow them in water, it's their natural habitat. But there's a couple of proviso's in doing that. You'd want to be in a warm climate/warm conditions, and the water needs to be oxygenated/circulating. It's the stagnancy in soggy soil that does them in. But they'll thrive in aerated soil that's kept moist good.

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