Parthenocissus stricta

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)December 1, 2010

Hi all,

Im kinda new and havent posted in a really, really, really long time. Any way, im wondering if anyone on this forum grow Parthenocissus stricta. Some of the local stores have some very nice looking hanging pots of this plant from EA. Ive looked at them many time but always passed them up for fear of how they would react. To me they look like a plant that might react badly with lots of leaf drop. The local stores dont seem to be able to keep them attractive for long either. I dont know if its inconsistency with watering or temp fluctuation or what. Nice looking pots will be in the nurseries for a couple weeks then the next thing you know the plants have lost all the leafs and the pots are on their way to the trash

:( Just wanted some thought before I give in and by one of these.

The plant will probably go in a East bedroom window with a good amount of light right through mid day and the average temp is 68-72 degrees F. Moderate humidity.

As of now I also grow the normal Cissus rhom. and "Ellen Danica". Unfortunatley I placed the rhom. in low light for a short time after bringing it in from the out doors and it threw a fit with mass leaf drop. Its now near a bright North window in recovery...which is very slow at the moment. Maybe since these grow ok in my house the Parthenocissus would grow as well? Thanks for the imput!


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The difficulty with this lovely plant is its need for a constantly high level of humidity. Small ones make good terrarium plants. A related plant that looks very similar is Parthenocissus striata. It's supposedly easier to grow indoors than P. stricta, but I never had much luck with it longterm. Sometimes when I see hanging pots of P. stricta for sale, I think they're mislabled, and the plant is actually P. striata -- I'm never sure, but I suspect that is often the case.

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