Palm plant ( I think) Need care instructions

black-thumbDecember 30, 2006

I just purchased what I think is a palm plant.

I was looking around on line but couldn't find anything on caring for it. Any help in that area would be very much appreciated.

I've normally purchased silk plants because I seem to kill real plants but have recently gotten into the real stuff. I just bought two big beautiful Spathiphyllum too. (super large peace lilies right?) On line they said they like direct light. Is this true or should I keep them in indirect light like my smaller peace lilies? Sorry snuck in a second question.

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peace lilies don't like direct light, I did that with mine one time, big mistake. I would advise to keep in indirect light for them.
that is a beautiful palm plant, I have one just like it, but yours is much prettier, looks like you have in in the right spot as far as light, someone else will know better however, mine has done very well with minimal care, I water about once a month, or when the soil does not bounce back when pressed in on:)

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Thanks I got it from Home Depot. Its sprouting some new leaves. I hope it does well. So indirect light is good for it and minimal watering?

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BRIGHT indirect light for the palm, looked like that was what it was getting from the pic, I think they can even take bright light.
when I water because I only water once a month it gets a major drenching at that time. you don't want it to totally dry out, water when the top 2/3 of the soil is dry, is what I think they recommend.

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When I watered my plant today these worms and bug things came out with the water. Should I be replanting it to get rid of any other living bugs inside. The plant seems to be taking a turn towards the worse. Some of the limbs are browning and yellowing and just seem limp.

Here are some pics of the bugs and leaves.

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Your thumb will remain black if you try to maintain this palm inside your home. It is a Ravenea rivularis, common name Majesty Palm.

My advice is to return it to the store and get your money back. There should be consumer education (and perhaps protection) regarding the misrepresentation of these palms. They are not good indoor plants. They belong out doors in the ground in tropical climates not inside buildings. Read more here.


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grice(z5 Michigan)

Black I agree with greenscaper. I have tried in vain to keep a Majesty alive . No matter how much light or water I gaave it it always ended up dying.
I tried with two and both died. I don't think they make good houseplants. I don't know why certain houseplant books list them as houseplants. They seem better suited for outdoor warmer,brighter locations.
Having said that,there are those over at the palm forum who have had wonderful luck in not only keeping them alive indoors but also making them thrive. You might want to check with them for tip/avice if you are going to try and keep it.
Good luck and let us know how you come out.

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Thanks I've posted it over there. So far I have cut off three branches that were totally dead, brown and dry. One of the others that was yellowing seems to be turning green again. I have replanted it and got rid of all the creepy crawlies that were in it. White bugs with lots of legs, worms, and some spidery looking things. All fresh dirt no bugs! So I will see what happens if it dies I'll go get a silk one and call it a day.


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I have had mine for several years now, never knew it was hard to grow! The only thing it does do is the tips turn brown when I first bring it in for the winter (have to use a wagon to move it in and out) but right now it has a lot of new growth on it with no brown tips, I do keep it in the bathroom where it gets a lot of humidity. Well I must go crow to my friends that even though I can't keep a rubber plant alive, I can a Majesty Palm! I however will NOT be buying another one as planned, not going to push my luck a second time.

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I hsve two majesty palms, one looks great and the other looks like it is in pretty bad shape. I have been forced to keep them both inside until recently because of cold. Now that i am able to move them outside, what are my chances of saving the worst of the two?

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I got a palm tree plant in Jan it is in my foyer i live in the midwest try not to get to much air on it I even have a plant light water once a week the leaves are turning brown what should I do

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Not so green, would you happen to have a picture?

What type of palm did you get?

Watering by schedule isn't a good idea. Wait until soil dries before giving another drink.

There are many reasons leaves brown. In winter, leaves brown due to dry air. Do you have a humidifer? Daily misting and/or weekly showering helps a LOT.

What do you mean, 'I try not to get too much air on it?'
Air from where?

Air won't harm a plant, as long as it's not cold air. Plants that are summered or live outdoors are surrounded by air..Actually, fresh air is beneficial to plants. Dry, stale air causes problems.

If you can post a picture, and/or give more detail, we can possibly narrow down the problem. Toni

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