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giggles1July 20, 2010

This morning, I was watching That's Clever on HGTV. A woman took a paint stick and wire to make a tambourine. She used bottle caps and jarlids for the clappers - painted them up really bright.

In our desires to re-use items, it occured to me that these could be used along with beads in the sparklers!

In my house, we drink a lot of diet Snapple... glueing 2 together, drilling a hole, painting it a hot color, it would add pizzazzzz to the beads.

1 or 2 lt bottle caps offer that nice ridging.

While glass beads are nice, todays gloss paints are super kewl too! I'm using up all the wood beads I have laying around too - just painting them.

Been looking at all the gems & beads I have that are just too small for a sparkler - they'd be great to cover the lids.

Also, I have a button collection, no reason those can't be used.


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pondgal(6a Pa.)

Hi giggles, you mentioned your gems and beads. Are you a beader? I am, I make mostly earrings, but starting to play a bit with bracelets. I LOVE my beads. I have a bunch (understatement) that I can't use and am going to try this Sparkler.

I can't seem to find out though what gauge wire is everyone using?

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I used 18 gauge on my wine bottle and knife sparklers. At first I bought jewelry wire, but you dont get much on a roll, so it gets expensive. Last night I went to lowes and got wire packaged for suspended ceiling installation. It's 18g, and 100 ft long. I sure didnt want to go buy 1/2 mile's worth LOL
Most importantly you need to find wire that fits the beads! :-D

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