Odd Zoysia green-up this year

carillon(East TN - Zone 7a)April 20, 2014

So we had a very hard freeze this winter with temps down to 0 degrees and single digits a couple of times. I'm concerned that my zoysia has suffered some sort of damage as I have never seen it green up this way in the past 15 years.

Is anyone else in my general area having trouble with their zoysia waking up? I really can't explain why it's looking this way. Usually when it starts greening up, it's very random and doesn't show a pattern like this.

Thanks for any opinions or comments!

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I have the same thing going on with my lawn. We bought a house with Zoysia last year. I am trying to learn how to care for it. We are in Lenoir City and the lawn has a similar look as yours does, it is not as severe as yours though.

I also has round brown spot in th lawn, which weren't there last year.

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carillon(East TN - Zone 7a)

Maybe it's just normal this year after the cold winter we had. It's concerning though... I sure hope it didn't suffer significant winter kill.

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